I can log into Galatur but cannot connect to my character

Also on Galatur, logged into my main which had MSQ bug and it was restored. I was kicked when changing zones due to the firewall error and now cannot log back in.

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Same issue on Galatur, same error message. Funny enough, I can login to an alt but not my main.

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Same here

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Same error on Galatur. I’m only getting the error when I log into my main, which is currently in my Stronghold.

Error is


And says to “Check the network” (which obviously works since I can log into the server).

Adding a reply to get attention on this… I am getting the same error, also on Galatur and across all characters.

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Successfully logged into an unaffected MSQ alt and tried to switch characters in game and got the same results.

same issue

Same issue on Galatur with two different toons

Same problem here.

Same error here. I was able to log in for about 5 minutes then was kicked with that error code. Now I can’t log in with my character at all.

same problem here,
can see my characters on select screen for galatur.
but cant log into my main or the new character i just customized.


Same logged into different sever but can’t log in on galatur

Same server, same error. It is not my connection.

Just gonna bump for visibility. i’m getting it as well.

I was able to long in and play for about 10mins but then got kicked with the same error on galatur. Since then I have had the same isse

Same here, just get error code 0pelpwp1f2pt. Only affecting my main character, I can get into my others just fine.

edit: Verifying my game files and restarting Steam fixed it. Not sure which fixed it as the verification didn’t show any errors.

Made a new character on gal but can’t load any previous ones

Same here. I’ve noticed I can log into my character that I was playing when the server originally crashed, but not any characters that I made when it came back up (because I didn’t and still don’t have the story quest back on my main). I still have a free slot, so I will try making a new character, and then update with my results.

EDIT: Creating a new character does work. Once I complete the intro scene, and confirm I can complete quest steps, I’ll try logging into the other characters again

EDIT 2: After creating a new character, I was able to log into ones which would previously give the error. No idea if they deployed a fix, or if this is a workaround

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

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