I can NOT visit this forum with Google Chrome

Hey, I can not visit this forum with Google Chrome, except if I use the incognito tab. Every other browser is working.

So it must be a problem with my chrome. So I tried deleting my cookies, etc but it doesnt seem to work.

Does anyone have a solution?

If I open https://forums.playlostark.com/ in my chrome, I will see the page but are unable to scroll or click ANYTHING

Hmm that’s unusual. Could you also try pressing F12, then right clicking on the reload button and selecting “Empty cache and hard reload”


This works temporarily, it works till I close the tab.
After opening it again its stuck again.

Not working:

After your method:

Can click everything, even go into the different topics.

After closing and opening it again:

not working again. (Scrollbar doesnt exist, except with your method)

Hi there try those options and test each one at a time if it get fixed


I suggest a fresh install but is up to you. GL :slight_smile:

Could you try loading the forums in incognito mode?

If it works well there the issue could be caused by an extension.

FIXED, an extension caused this problem. For me it was Auto Quality for Youtube.

Thank you very much @OminousOnion @Shellyz


Huzzah! Happy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:.

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thanks, you too!