I can recover a character I deleted by mistake

Hello, I hope you are well,

I wanted to know if there is any way to recover my wardancer?

Thank you for your response.

Hi @andresmauricio8708,

For sure, I will be glad to assist you with that. Can you please provide me the character name and server/region where it is located.

I’ll be tuned to your reply.

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oh thks @Firus

EUC - Zinnervale
Name Prêttykill

I am currently connected with my main character Prëttykill

Thks mate

Thank you for your patience @andresmauricio8708,

I’ve been looking but I can’t find the character Prêttykill, in your account the only deleted Wardancer (Battlemaster) that I can see is called Makyalina lvl 53, could you please confirm if that’s the one? Also please close the game in order to proceed with the restoration.


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I’m sorry I made a mistake in the name and I confirm that it is makyalina is the character I want to recover.


Best regards

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Thank you so much for the confirmation my friend @andresmauricio8708,

I’ve successfully restored the character Makyalina. You can launch the game now.

If there is anything else I can help with just let me know.


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thanks mate

Best regards

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hey @Firus
I think you got the wrong character and recovered Makyal on Brelshaza server and not Makyalina lvl 53 on ZINNERVALE server.

Can u hlp me pls


Ohhh Gosh I’m really sorry about the inconvenience,

I was checking and have restored Makyalina on Zinnervale now,

Once again I’m really sorry about the confusion,

Have a great weekend.

It is already done my friend, you can launch the game now :wink:

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no worries, thanks for your quick response, I am currently disconnected from the game if you are going to do the restoration.

Rerads and thks mate

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Hello @uwu_Whiskey,

I am sorry to hear about your lost gear piece but suggest against replying on top of unrelated posts in order to avoid having yours overlooked.

Unfortunately, the replies given to you on your other thread are correct and these can no longer be retrieved.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: