I cannot connect my server

Yesterday i could get in the serve just fine, finish my dailies and everything. Today, when i tried to connect, a message appears saying “You cannot create more characters. Please use another server.”

My server is Kazeros, and i already have 4 characters there. How can i solve this ?

If the problem continue to happen, i will lose my dailies and that will slow down my progression.

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I’m so sorry to hear that the game is not allowing you to play, please try restarting your game. I would also recommend you verify the integrity of your game files by doing the steps in the following link,
:joystick:Steam Support : Verify Integrity of Game Files :video_game:

–>Restarting your Steam client or your computer.


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Hello, I’m currently having the same issue for around 4 hours now.

So, since this post has an official reply and no follow-up from OP i’ll keep it going.

@Muzz I tried both options you gave, restarting the game and verifying integrity of game files, and the problem persisted.

Just to add more details:

  • I get the exact same message as @thianco is getting when trying to log on Kazeros, even though i already have one character on the server and no intention to create another at the moment.
  • If I try to log in on another South America server, which I dont have a character on, the server status changes from Good/Busy to Maintenance.
  • If I try to change my region from SA to another one(tried only with EU West), I can log on servers and create characters just fine, being able to log in and play on those servers, but if I try to swap back to SA region, the same error happens.

Looking forward to your response so we can solve this problem, if I can help giving any other information please just ask.

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:thinking: Could you try to uninstall the game and reinstall it again ?
(Please make sure to delete it from (harddrive(C), (D) or (E ):\Steamlibrary\steamapps\common\Lost Ark)

If the issue still persists, I would request you to please contact us through live chat, so we can further escalate this by creating a ticket to the Dev team for a resolution.

:crossed_swords: Amazon Games Customer Service :crossed_swords: .

Thank you for your patience!

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Sure can do, will try it and post results.

Thank you for your guidance!

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i’m getting the same error. It usually happen when the server is busy.

I’m tried multiple times:

  • Verify files
  • Reinstall
  • Close the game and steam
  • Restart pc

In my case, everytime i want to play, i need to open the game, so the error appears. Then i have to close both the game and the steam client, open again the steam client, verify the files and then open the game again.

But its not a permanent fix, since i need to do all the steps everytime i want to play.

Hello again! Just wanted to give you a follow-up.

Just uninstalled the game(deleting the lost ark folder on steamapps as @Muzz said) and left it reinstalling over night, as my internet speed isnt the best.

After waking up tested and managed to connect to the server and my character just fine. Still, I dont know if the fix was the uninstall/reinstall process, considering that its been more than 12h since the whole process started.

@Muzz thank you for all the help, really appreciated!

Good luck to anyone still facing those problems

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Did you try this ?


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