I cant believe the letter

after all the suffering and pain and bots kek
never though nothing could tap the brel patch
new mokokos when they reach argos valtan vykas


the mokoko skin is exactly what i needed + the items boxes

but for sure they did good against bots even if it took 1 year xdd
let’s see what’s their big surprises for roadmap and the futur of the game

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This is the only mmo that Im playing right now, better updates means better endorsements to my friends to try this!


what I was personally very happy to see was actual advertisements on youtube that show actual gameplay, not weirdos in flying chairs playing with a touchpad laptop. they definitely seem to be listening.


Same, can’t wait for the roadmap!

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How convinient that AGS/SG starts to listen to the playerbase when we are so close to new game realeases. Is it just me catching on to this ? Still ill take the pheons but boy they sure broke character way too late :sob:


I mean, that’s why competition is good, regardless of if the other upcomming releases are good or average.


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i love the daily part of the letter… like you don’t need a research team to figure out that doing 2 guardians and 2 chaos dungeons everyday on 16 characters is fucking boring.
una’s are fine since there is a sense a progression attached to them.

they’re basicly saying: we ain’t changing the dailies because we trying to incentivize players to pay money by making the daily gameplay loop as boring as possible.


this is so agreeable. the game i played before lost ark gave up on cheaters, even tho the dev/publisher are way much bigger than ags/sg. so kudos to them for not giving up on the game after the rough first year

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Im actually hyped to see what happens this year… the changes sounds good, don’t care what the doomsdayer say about it.

Theres no one bigger than AGS xD!

The letter is a joke. It took them 14 months to realize that an MMO dies without new players, still failing to understand why they can’t get or retain new players.

Numbers tanked hard and they released a letter to renew HOPE to players so they believe they won’t get abandoned because of Blue Protocol and T&L - spoilers they will.


The Crystal - Gold prices are still a hoax. I saw yesterday it dropped to 2000 gold per 95 and now its back to 2800. Like wtf is this!
Most of the people who are getting excited for the letter are the ones who already have Ancient gear pieces :crazy_face:
New players are hardly batting an eye on this game! or they are still stuck reaching 1490.


Bro you never have anything positive to say.

Literally if they gave you exactly what you wanted you would still be spamming b.s.

What would you rather have them to do? Not wrtie anything? Not show some dediction to the players? What exactly is your problem?

They announce changes that are about to happen, 90% of the post has actions that are to be taken and only a 10% of it talking about things that they will probably do in the future.

Sometimes compaies need to feel pressure to get motivated to change. As if hitting rock bottom, or getting too much competition is bad.

Most of the changes are addressed for new players.

Did you even read?

Probably they turned the knob so it never falls below 2.8k - 3k.

Yeah it’s funny, i bet they can’t wait for Argos nerfs on their 1590 rosters.

New players? lol. It really sounds off and doesn’t rhyme with Lost Ark.

If they were a little sincere about getting new players, they will reduce the RC prices so BC goes down and they don’t have to do insane homework on so many alts and remove those stupid restrictions that harm only legit players, both of which were never mentioned in that letter.

46k concurrent now 1 week after a major patch, most of which are bots btw.


What new player is buying blue crystals? Lmao?

How do you think new player even have gold to do that?

BC prices going down benefits long term players more than newbies…


Then why are these people getting excited :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Last time I checked people here running 1540+ on 12 characters

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Judging by the latest posts made by AGS, looks like the majority of people are not even 1560 yet, so i wont be surprised if many people are between 1490-1520.

The Alt changes also sound promising, i guess time will tell.

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So is it fair to assume that without this “competition” shit would just be the same?
I’m still having a hard time getting over that the very same company went into code hell no for giving out 10 pheons are now giving away 50 for free :rofl: But that really shows how desperate they are but i could be wrong but probably not.