I cant buy anything from donate Shop

I have 50 euro in my steam wallet but I cant buy anything, just freezes for a moment and nothing happens. I tried yesterday but I thought they disabled donation because of merge. Today same story but whats worse the skin that I was dying to buy disapeared. Like come on man, dont do me like that.

In some games, when having the “Steam Overlay” (Shift+Tab) disabled, you can not do ingame purchases as the purchase notification is somehow implemented into the steam overlay.

Try your luck, maybe it’s that issue.

Regarding the skin you missed, don’t worry, you can buy the current skins, sell them for gold and buy the old skin in the auction house later.

You are right, that was the cause. It may have actualy saved me some money since skins on auction are always cheaper than actual shop.

Nevermind Im screwed over. lol I thought the skin auction would be bigger but there are barely any skins out there for my class and deals that are temporary and gone go way up in price.

Does anyone know if I can get the trusted status if I purchase premium Crystlalline for acc without having to wait? Im getting totaly screwed over today. lol I found a nice deal, last remaning piece 30% below average price but I cant exchange my godamn units.

Thank you for helping this user out!

You can help me out as well. Give me some sort of code to pay for that bike I couldnt purchase earlier. :smiley: