I can't change characters in Express Event. Only T3 alts

All my alts are Tier 3 and i can’t change the event character because of that. Now i’m stuck with the event in a character that i don’t want on it because if i will lose T3 materials if i do the Mission “Soul Harvest”. Why the Chaos Dungeon count if i do a higher GS one and the Soul Harvest don’t?

Because they love to annoy their playerbase

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I just wrote it in another similar topic. Try to get it by buying T2 set from market. Not sure if it work tho.

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The GS of an character is the higher GS the character have been. Even if i change my set it won’t work. But to prove that i’m correct, i did this again at this moment.

And my question is why the Chaos dungeon mission count and Guardian Raid don’t. I did have the express in one of my alt’s but i don’t want to use my daily guardian raid on T2 useless mats(useless for me, please understand).