I cant i am almost done

cant with the dcs man i like the game but im on the edge of quitting just for this issue. :frowning_face:


you know you can go do something else for like 2 weeks and come back
or 2 months and come back
nobody is holding you by the throat to keep playing non stop

chill out if it annoys you log off do something else try agian tomorrow


i do but when i try to enjoy the time i have for lost ark is login experience game.

you are not alone my guy

but as i said a lot of things you can be doing if the game does not allow you to have fun at that moment

If you leave now you’ll never want to come back. Catching up will be much more difficult by the time you decide to return. It’s bad now and it’ll only get worse.

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Have barely logged in the last 2 weeks except for doing rested dailies and some weeklies on 2 of my 6 chars. Today we wanted to go for Brel G5+G6 and it’s nonstop DCs… an entire evening wasted, again. Think I’m done with this game and this garbage company, never have I seen such incompetence before by a publisher.



I’ve stopped doing dailies when Brel came out because i was focusing on clearing raid. And now i can’t force myself to do them every day…

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This situation is pathetic. How many long we will need to wait to this situation is fixed.

its been 3 months now and the issue seems to be getting worse last night just on gate 2 we had 15 disconnects in the span of 4 pulls.

I can’t say a single issue that was resolved since the game launch.

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There is at least one: After 9 = nine = NINE MONTHS they have fixed the issue that forced you to try to enter ie. the island for 2-3 times since the first two attempts were ignored by the server.

Daylight savings time, and it took multiple patches.

Hey, daylight savings was a god damn disaster. The island time and daily rewards got completely broken if you remember it. Lmao.

Sending people off to die alone on the EUW servers did clear up some of the queues for us over at EUC, so there has been some success :partying_face:

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Yep, the writing was on the wall early on about the competency of the SG dev team assigned to global.

Problem with dcs is that it’s not bad every day. At least that’s my experience.
Some days are terrible , and when i am about to take a break from the game , it gets better for a while and i am back to being addicted.
It’s almost like a carrot and stick situation.

Sometimes i get very angry but i believe they would have fixed already if they could , perhaps it’s more complicated than i can imagine atm.

Correct, there are some days with 2 or 3 disconnects “only”.

It’s been fine for me for quite a while, until today. Probably 1-2 disconnects in the past week perhaps (excluding today), while keeping up with rested for 6 characters (+ a few boss rushes) so today has clearly been worse then the recent average for me.

Had to restart vykas gate 1 4 times in a 1500 lobby because 2+ people dced instantly every time. They then continued dcing in gate 2 and gate 3 but it didn’t matter at that point seeming you didn’t need them to pass mechanics but I imagine on a not over leveled group this type of stuff just makes it unplayable and makes people lose their raid for the week.

Not a dead and forgotten game though. Don’t worry about the dcing for 5 months we have a 15 minute colab coming up later this month that’s hype right.

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Do it! You won’t.