I cant log in the past 15 mins. Authentication failed

So i was just doing my thing playing in chaos dungeon solo when sudenly i got an error and the game exited itself. then i logged in again for 5 mins lost my chaos dung ofc and yet once again the game exited itself. i have already tried 4 times to re-log but it doesnt even let me pick a srv. Authentication failed message appears and the only thing i can do is log out. im i the only one? does anyone else has the same problem?im on kadan srv EUC. thank you for your time.

So I am not sure if this is gonna help but try to disconnect your Amazon account from Steam and reconnect it again. Secondly, repair steam files. See if it works after both of these methods were applied.

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will do! thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Yw! I am curious if it’s gonna work. Let me know!

now it just dont let me get into the EU servers…i can only pick one of the American srvs… i rly dont know whats going on… maybe its just me i dont know…