I cant loging from friday april 29 no vpn use 10010 error

i have 11 alt includin

g my main character i cant log in after boots update killing looks like kill real players like me i reset my laptop from fabric reset do everything too make back too the game looks like imposible to even get bypass 10010 i been enjoy game from day 1 never use vpn create another account too make sure im not ban still have same error 10010 are u guys gonna fix this issue or use multiple 3 computer at home too make sure is not my pc all of than have the same isssue even if never play on that pc still have 10010 can any dev really make contact with me plss fix it with update if u cant i have 11 alt play every day like 4 hours

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Only a small percentage of players are affected by it, so it will take week/weeks until they manage to fix it .
Only solution right now is to buy mobile data and create hotspot for your pc.
As far i know there is one chinese ,hack" which u can still play but you will have 500ms which is unplayable.
So you will need just wait until modders from 3rd party will find solution for this because i wouldnt count on amazon to fix it soon.

I have 2 phone different company with hotspot nothing work on me…Lan WiFi hotspot anything doesn’t work

we are all the same I don’t use vpn either and I have the same error 10010 amazon destroying another game nothing new


Boots don’t spend real money wee make them money and they don’t listen.too real players like u and me