I can't play after installing the game

After installing the game, I went and see this. I filed an appeal, but they told me that my account was not blocked. Why then is this happening?

Are you using VPN? If so that might be the case.

No. I downloaded the game on steam and just tried to play

doesn’t the popup clearly tells you whats wrong?

What’s wrong? I do not understand.

Where are you trying to connect from? This game is only available in certain regions.

Trying to connect from outside of these regions will result in the error message you are seeing. Trying to connect over a VPN will also result in that error message.

If you ARE inside a region listed there and are still receiving this message it is possible that there is another issue with your connection.

note: Your account is not actually banned so appealing will not help in this case.

You could be one of the few where lost ark does not like your ISP. Happened to me randomly then i was able to play 3 days later. Welcome to Lost Ark, home of random IP and region bans. Theres also currently an issue that myself and other players are experiencing where it says all servers but South America are shut down.

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Hi @codenamegerc welcome to Lost Ark forums, I hope you are having a great day.

It seems that this is an ongoing issue that the team is working on to a hot fix.

On the mean time I can suggest some workarounds that had helped other players:

Close Lost Ark completely
Restart your home network.
If possible, try changing your network from a wireless to a wired connection.
Force stop Steam
Run Steam as administrator
Verify game files Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files 27
Check that your antivirus services are all running on your computer.
Re-launch Lost Ark

Thanks for your patience and be safe!

I did all this with no result.

Hello @codenamegerc.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m so sorry for the issue you are having with login.

Since we have already tried all the possible troubleshooting and you still have the problem, for which I request you to contact our live support so that we can continue to help you with this problem by submitting a ticket to the Developers so that they can further investigate what is happening.

Here is the link to contact live support channel :arrow_down_small:

Hope this information helps you! :magic_wand:

I spent almost a day of real time solving this problem. The problem is not solved. I created a thread here and have been in contact with support via email. All this did not work.
I think this is the best solution possible.

Play quality games and don’t waste time on broken ones.
Good luck