I can't recommend this game until 1415 global honing comes

Edited since the patch notes gave us 1370 global honing:

Title pretty much explains it, but I can not recommend this game in good conscience to my friends, whether they be new or returning players, until the 1415 global honing buff comes. If a player is pretty hardcore and already experienced in Korean MMOs I might tell them to give it a shot now due to the 1370 global honing + events, but most people I still wouldn’t.


If your friends can’t handle the game right now without the global honing buff, then their time in the game will still be short lived even with the global honing buff. Even with the honing buff, they will hit a wall very soon.

Games like this cater to players that are willing to play the long game, not people that want instant gratification.

I’d just recommend it to them now. If they quit or don’t like it, rest assured that even with the global honing buff, it would be the same result.

Global honing buff/catch up events may expedite some parts of the entire progression, but the overall gear progression is still a big mountain - supposed to be slow and steady. If you pay a lot of money, AGS will send you a helicopter to get you to the top of the mountain faster (And you wait there for the rest of the server to catch up).


The point of the buff is to get players to legion raids faster, not to degrade the “long game”. I disagree that they would quit at the same rate either way. In the current game state, they would quit on frustrating t2 content without experiencing legion raids. I think the probability they would quit is much lower if they experience valtan and I’m sure data backs this up as player retention becomes much higher after valtan.

No. 1340 to 1370 is extremely dry with no new content at all. 1370 to 1415 is also pretty dry but it’s at least a bit better than 1340 to 1370. From 1415 on, you progress at a very steady rate and are basically always unlocking new content. And that content is actually engaging and entertaining.

Honing isn’t the main issue at 1340, it’s just part of it.


I love how many people think they know what other people want and will do. Yeah global honing buffs TOTALLY wont increase engagement amongst those with early game gripes , its not like it did in other regions… Oh, wait a second! That was their whole purpose!

Imagine arguing against something that is for the greater good of the health of the game you play yourself.

Oh I see. When I was pushing to 1370 for the very first time on my main character, I didn’t even realize it was dry and slow because at that time, I was still deep in the story, exploring islands and farming collectibles. I thought the progression pace was normal.

I can see how it can feel that way to push to 1370 if your sole goal is to just push gear score to be able to do argos/legion raids.

Honestly don’t know why they would drop 1370 express
As if anyone who
-Got locked out of the game for 3-4 months because of bots
-Quit because they didn’t want to grind past 1340-1370
-Generally lost interest in the game
Would come back for an event to go to 4 months old content at P1 Argos =^=

I will take it because I’m chillin, but I’m just gonna call the future that this event is a failure for the new player growth they hoped to get

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thinking global honing buff is better than hyper express and punika power pass is laughable.

The best solution for catchup for new players is a hyper express (1415) and power pass for each new class.

Global honing buffs are just for you people who are secretly on huge FOMO when it comes to alt progression. You people want to hone your alts easier and don’t actually care about new players. People who keep saying they want global honing buffs for new players are secretly what I just mentioned - people who selfishly just care for their alt progression. New players would vastly prefer a hyper express + power pass vs just a +20% honing buff through t1/t2.

Hyper express is literally a honing buff with 2 levels per hone, what more could you ask for

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Such a pity man
1415 Express could be massive hype both for new players and regulars
But 1370? Got everyone sleeping

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Suggest you get the global honing buff details and possibly the express pass details straight before commenting


At this point global honing buff only effects brand new fresh players.

Also you know how express works right? It’s not a free 1415 with no effort. You still need to spend all the materials to get to 1415, you just get small rewards along the way.

Suggest you get your details straight before commenting. Hyper express has a honing buff +2 levels per hone.

Global honing buff benefits alts more than new players. Hyper express + power pass benefits new players. You clearly just want honing buff for your alts

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You… you have no idea how good Global Honing Buff is, do you?

Global Honing buff does exactly what you described. It gives you 2 levels per hone, increased success rate (basically 100% up to Tier 3), less material costs, AND when you get to Tier 3, a whopping 60% reduction in cost to hone up to 1415. It’s like Hyper Express on crack. Hyper Express doesn’t hold a candle to the benefits that Global Honing brings because Global Honing Buff benefits everyone up to 1415 not just one character that you chose for the Hyper Express pass.

If Amazon wants to bring new players into the game and encourage old players to return, this 1370 express event ain’t good enough. Global Honing Buff is what this game needs, end of story. There is plenty of data from every other region that supports how powerful the Global Honing Buff is to drawing players into the game, new and old ones alike.

That’s what I mean - global honing buff mainly helps current players who uses many alts. Global honing buff itself is different from hyper express - please link me which global honing buff you are referring to. If it’s the one leaked at launch that doesn’t help much

Hyper express, etc. helps new player get through their first character.

People who want global honing buffs don’t want it for new players, they want it primarily for their own alt progression. Its disingenuous to use new players as a reason to hide your own benefit from it

Gl recommending this game when Brelshaza is released in the west, as that is when the global honing buffs were released in KR and when we will get them.

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You are wrong about Hyper Express. It does not help a new player get through their first character. It helps someone who already has a character in T3, because you can’t use Hyper Express without already completing the T3 storyline. It only works from 1302-1370.

And again, you don’t understand Global Honing buff if your’e continuing to say it doesn’t help much. A 60% REDUCTION IN HONING COSTS IN T3 UP TO 1415, SKIPPING A LEVEL FOR EVERY HONE IN T1 AND T2, REDUCTION IN MATS AND HONING COSTS, ETC. It’s better than Hyper Express in every way possible.

And as someone who has 7 characters in Tier 3, yes, I can assure you that I want Global Honing Buffs for new players. I want new players to join, get to Tier 3 in a reasonable amount of time, and get to the point where they can do Legion Raids so we can have more participation, more items on market from all the extra players playing, more engagement with the community, etc. Please, continue to point fingers and make assumptions about things you’re pulling out of a hat.

This is basically hyper express? How is that better than hyper express - hyper express is everything below on top of free materials so you don’t need to farm them yourself.

  • For T1/T2 it’s basically the Super Express buff : Gives you 20% additionnal chance at honing, reduce material cost and make you upgrade +2 by +2.
  • For T3 (1302-1370) it increase chance of honing by 20% and reduce materials cost by 30%.
  • For T3 (1370-1415) it increase chance of honing by 20% and reduce materials cost by 60%.

Giving new players a useable power pass to 1302 punika then a hyper express to 1415 is much more worth it than global honing buff. New players should be able to get to Valtan easily on their first character.

There is no reason in current game state for everyone to able to hone their alts on such a buff to 1415.

How are new players going to get all the shards? Hyper express gives all the shards you need, global honing doesnt. Shards are so expensive to obtain

At this point, I can’t tell if you’re trolling me or just willfully ignorant.

Please, for the love of God, stop spreading misinformation. The “Hyper Express” that we are getting this Wednesday DOES NOT include any buffs or gifts or anything for T1 and T2. It only works for a T3 character from 1302-1370 and ONLY if you’ve already got that character in T3. Roxx has even made several posts about how this express event is not geared towards new players at all and is more geared towards getting players who quit in T3 to return and push for 1370. The Punika pass DOES NOT WORK ON NEW CHARACTERS UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE A CHARACTER IN T3.

??? I’m not talking about the express we’re getting this wednesday. Hyper express is something completely different? Learn to read.

I already made my point - a punika power pass you can use on a new account + hyper express
(ie the 1415 one in KR) is best for new player. Not global honing buff.

Global honing buff vastly helps out current players with lots of accumulated resources to make alts than a new player who has to start fresh