I can't start The Name of Navinos quest

I want to start The Name of Navinos quest but i can’t accept this at Zenlord NPC. I completed the previous quest “silver-haired guardian slayer” and i can’t continoue the quest line. Any idea?


are you sure you finished the previous quest “Silver-haired Guardian-Slayer” by talking to Zenlord in the end and getting the reward?

The next quest usually will start right away from there.

  • Is the quest available and there is a technical problem, when accepting?
  • Is the quest not available at the NPC?
  • Do you get an error message (or in Chat), which maybe indicates, what’s wrong?
  • Are there any open quests in your quest log (L)?
  • Do you have the quest active on any other character of your roster?
  • Did you try restarting the game?
  • Did you try checking the file integrity of the game via steam?

The repair or the restart solve the problem. The problem was this quest was the last what i didn’t see on the completed quest tab from the quest chain and it was the reason why i looking this quest, but now i saw it on the completed quest tab and find the correct quest what i need. Thank your help and fast reply.

Glad to hear this is solved for you!

Thanks for helping out this user!