I can't understand and I can't believe it either! why?

I can’t understand and I can’t believe it either!!! why? they can’t bring us fastest classes? the classes are ready and they’ve been in the game for a long time!!! why 1 class per 2 month?that’s ridiculous!!!and why they only bring us the worst skins ??and also one lie after another lie ,and why are you treating us like this?? we love this game and we give you all support, and you just shit in our faces this is very unfair and sad


you already know the answer bro.

idk ,what’s the answer??

It’s simple market strategy really, they won’t release popular classes along with new legion raids, cause new raids keep people logging on, after new raid there be empty period before new raid so they will then release popular class to still keep people logging on.

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It is easy answer

Most of the playerbase doesnt even know that there are other classes in game.
They take the game as a new game for them
They dont go to kr and check whatever is there

And 2 months for a class release is good enough to keep the game alive. We still get classes faster than other regions

Bet even you, you didnt play on other regions but want to main a class that you never played before. :rofl:

Or whatever just wish that smilegate had chosen another publisher instead of ags, and you would still play in t1 content by now, with 1000% dmg boosts in cash shop for 50£.

Amazing post, glad you contributed to the forum :smile_cat:

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i´m just a guy who trys to figure out how/where this input comes from?
I mean did u just read the roadmap and now you´re unhappy or is this some sort of how can i post some daily negativity?
I can only imagine “bots got banned, they slowly coming back but its still fine, rmt is still in a weird spot… yea skins and classes, lets bring this back”
Everything is alrdy said, if u still insist there are enough other posts :slight_smile:

this is not how you give feedback.

I played on kr and russ servers all this time before NA serv, and I respect what you think sir

less content = more money… logic

I prefer more raids than new classes which I will never play cuz I dont care which class I play, probably like 98% of playerbase. More classes wont give u more players if there is nothing to do ingame like we have now.

i played kr and russ serv from the beginning, before NA serv of course, and i understand and respect your message thank you sir

We get the worse skins first so people buy skins twice. First they buy whatever is on the market. Later they buy coz new skins look better than those that they already bought.
Isn’t that obvious? They want more money from players. Don’t like em, don’t buy em and be patient.

On the other hand, I can’t get over the fact that tier1 and tier2 armors look awesome and tier3 look way worse. I don’t want bikinis. I want basic tier1 ShadowHunter look and tier1/tier2 Soulfist look.
Also tier2 Glavier armors look.