I checked out a botting Discord server, and I have to say good luck to those playing legitimately

I hope not, considering I went to the effort of making sure not to mention the name and blurred all of the Discord users, lol.


I just saved it : Web-archive


WOW !! I’m speechless … what a waste of time

It blows my mind how the community can have such a tunnel vision about this problem

Yeah “SG/ AGS detect and ban bots” → impossible

Detect and ban RMTers → possible and easy without hurting legit players

I guess the problem is the mayority has rmted or has a friend who they don’t want to say goodbye too cause it doesn’t require a high iq to just kill the botting business through punishing unlegit players

If they don’t do this is because:

1- AGS/ SG are part of the problem (they agree woth botter to win a % either 1 person or a group from both or one company.

2- Mayority of the community is afraid to be banned cause they did rmted and are against this solution so the amount of guys who ask for it are less loud about it.

I ask to anyone who is reading this. what’s your excuse to don’t flood the forum with “ban rmters” post? Did you rmted? Did you cooperate to bring this queues to the game? Did you cooperate to get rid of KR players?


nice, I’m part of history now ! let’s see how this clown-show turns out :slight_smile: I crave for a good giggle.

I have botters running by me right now. In NAE Ladon.

If I report them, and someone else reports them, then they should be able to permanently ban them. My point is that THEY ARE NOT taking permanent actions against botters. They are doing 3 day ban BS.

YES. Ban the RMT’ers, too.


Cause it won’t do shit, what is the point :joy:

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botting is part of the game :slight_smile:

Yeah your efforts are like pooring water out of a sinking ship with a glass of water not a cube… Sorry i was naive i said glass of water i change it for spoon.

Manual <<<<<< automatization

Permaban RMTers for good no one will ever buy gold from botter which will kill the business from its core…

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Better than the other other solutions everyone is throwing rn which does less tbh and hurt legit players


that’s it, no gimmicks, no mini-game, no face-ID, no inconvenience for legit users, no IP-ban, no region-lock.

just, get, the, payers, OUT.


I hope some KR players that visit the forums repost this on Inven. I remember someone did it and got instantly banned here. Mainly because they don’t want this information to spread.

Brave man risk getting doxxed for some data :call_me_hand:

This is the kind of forum thread that streamers like

CuzeDog_ (any weebs in chat? Pogmilfkers)

would read and share their opinions on stream.


U can see how they speak and think of AGS , what a joke, all that cuz no one wants to put theyr big man pants on and perma ban those ppls and put some fear in them!

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

If you cant beat them, might as well join them :robot:


That dude must have a sweet gaming chair.

Well I for sure won’t be spending a single dime on this game until illegitimate gameplay/rmt are properly punished. And no, “punishing when/if found depending on the situation” is NOT what most of us are considering an acceptable answer.