I DCd in valtan p1 and got locked for the whole raid

I DCd in valtan g1 and got locked for the whole raid ,the party finished g1 while i was dc and got out of the raid to find someone for g2 because someone else left , when i got back in the game i was still in the lobby for g2 but didnt get the loot for g1 and got locked for the whole raid.

EU central , server : Antares , caracter name :Yoruichisuki

dont bother, if you got disconnected because of your own connection you won’t get the re-entry ticket. Happened to me with argos today and customer support said they only issue reentry if its because of server problem.

:expressionless: ill wait 1 more week to get my set i guess

dont get disconnected next time

i see alot of new posts everyone saying they get disconnected , same for me i got a game error not a internet error or pc problem.