I Deleted my powerpass BARD ;(

I deleted my powerpass bard thinking i will get powerpass back is there a way to get it restored ?
The character not the powerpass ofcourse
name is cooljay on slen server EU central.

I don’t think that there is a chance to get it back

@ Zeklow “I don’t think that there is a chance to get it back”
Powerpass or the character ? or both ?


Sorry to hear about the misunderstanding that led to the deletion of your character.

Good news is, the character can definitely be restored.

I’ll update this post once it’s done.

Edit: @cooljay1 please close the game and confirm you are offline, once I’ve got the confirmation I’ll restore the deleted character.


@Ulver the game is now closed . thank you that was the fastest support respond i have seen in my life

Hi again!

Thanks for letting me know, the level 50 Bard is now restored, let me know if you can see it once you log back in!

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Yes its back thank you so much.

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@Ulver could i get help restoring my powerpass char as well
name is Eggnogi on Regulus NA East server

Hello, welcome to the forums!

Sure thing, I can restore the character for you, but please close the game and confirm that you’re offline.

I’ll keep an eye on the thread so I can restore the character as soon as I get confirmation.

ok im offline thank you so much

Right, thanks for letting me know!

The character is now restored, so please check if it’s available again.


Yes it’s back thank you!

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