I demand compensation for crystalline aura!

I am having to pay for all the things that crystaline aura makes cheaper while at the same time still paying for auras this is not okay!

types of compensation you can do: Mokoko skins
animal skins
aura of resonance
200 Pheons
30 days of crystaline Aura
at least 5 million silver
5 legendary card selection packs (no less then 5 though)
and fish


You should have your aura back shortly.

so no fish??

I agree, give us a few of those things OP mentioned

Sorry… we’re all outta fish.


then we demand ARTIST!

its ok, we don’t want fish anyway… the bots have made it worthless :alien:

Or maybe Summoner! or reaper… though I don’t want reaper…

Compensation is a reasonable ask, we’re losing 10% of our action energy regen, so please also throw in one-three Stronghold Action Energy Smalls

Thanks c:

We had this for weeks on EUC and we got no compensation.