...I did a stupid. (Lost EU west celebration gift + 2nd founders pack)

This Sunday the claim function as well as the shop was down the whole day for me on my main. But I read the ticker in the lower left corner stating that there was a login reward to celebrate the new EU west server. Thinking that this was a reward only for that server to get more people to migrate there I made a new character on Tragon and claimed three rewards, including the (platinum) founders pack again. (thinking that the founders pack was once on each new server.)

I quickly realised that I couldn’t check out the new Terpeion of the shadow or the new Cerberus colour without playing past the quest where you get your first mount, so I deleted the character and googled it instead. That’s when I realised that most of the rewards were actually claimable one time per account and would not be shared account wide nor would it be possible to claim it once on each server.

Logging into my main realised my fears that I had in fact done a stupid.
Any chance of reclaiming the packs so that I can claim them on the server I’m actually playing on?




Multiple reports like this all with the same outcome. It would take so much of their resource to provide this as a feature. You messed up. Rip.

Hello, and welcome to the forums. :wave:

I unfortunately have to confirm that both the special items and the launch celebration gift cannot be reassigned or otherwise transferred to a different server.

I have filed a feedback report about this particular case, so that it may be evaluated by the team. I can’t guarantee that means that any changes will be made to the way these items are claimed, or that they’ll be restored, but I can at least make sure that the report is considered.

I understand this is very frustrating, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for taking care Uliver.

please note that there are also a lot of other threads talking about this or a related issue.
Looks like most are related to the ingame message of special gits available in euw or a timeout when claiming


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Seriously why can’t these celebration packs be once per server…It’s not like we can trade them or share the mounts

My celebration pack is also wasted because it’s on a roster that’s bugged and literally can’t start stronghold questline so i had to remake new characters in new server, and I gotta watch everyone else on their awesome new mounts while I have a basic one


Dear Admins, plese support us cause i saw a lot of ppl just claimed that gift not on MAIN account… for example i made acc on eu west and thought its the “gift” you mean in the announcement in game… and now i was informed that i was the account wide celebration gift…

Please take if from the “test” account… where i have killed not even single monster and give it to me on my Main acc… Server:Neria Char: Ruthelis.


Yeah, i made the same mistake…


@Ulver Since so many have made this misstake (including my self) you should change it to account wide or send out the packs once more so ppl in their right regions can claim it. It really cant be that hard?


Apparently, as it is a problem that we made, they are not going to do anything, that is what they told me on the ticket

i did the same thing and am also pretty confused. why not give out the gift per roster? im now stuck with the decision of either keeping my twitch drops on eu west or going to eu Central to have the accidentially claimed terpeion…
i am really upset about this. Account-wide means account wide. not Datacenter-wide…


Oh +1 to this!

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There is also the (rather weak) argument that it was impossible to claim the packs on the EUC servers for most of the weekend, as the servers were probably overloaded and both the store and the claiming function didn’t respond. (at least for me.)

At the same time there is still a ticker in the bottom left corner literally stating that there is a celebration gift in the new EUW region, and on the those servers the claim function was working.

These packs were reportedly an attempt to make up for the server issues through the launch. But in doing so they created even more issues, in part because of their server problems and badly worded in-game information.


The same for someone in my family, who by accepting to lose the twitch drops, many bonuses of his founder pack by migrating to the new zone, also loses the launch gift and the compensation of the founder pack for the migration.

The game does not clearly explain the consequences of these choices, it is explained on sites and on social networks, but this information should be in the game explained clearly, some people just play games without looking at social networks .

Moreover, what is the point of resupplying a founder’s pack that gives the same title on a server that already has it? Wouldn’t it have been better to generate the send when creating the character on the new server?

Or more simply to make these bonuses linked to the account as for the crystalline aura and not to the server?


I have the same problem, made the move to EU West, only to find that none of the previous packages where there. EU Central is unplayable for many of us that comes home from work, only to find a 5 hour queue. Starting over from scratch is a pain, but not providing the packages on the new server also, is just a double punishment, for those that actually gave up and followed the only solution given buy you guys. A horrible solution i may add.


New packs were available on EUW if you would have truly started to play there

But if you chose to claim those on EUC first to have double rewards on 1 server before switching, then it is your own problem

Made a similar mistake and got the celebration package on EUW instead of EUC… :frowning:

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Same for me.

EU Mid was too crowded to play, so I went to EU West to test some classes. I got a gift and thought it is the special West only gift. Little did I know it was the celebration-mount-and-cool-stuff-chest. I didn’t open it but funny enough, after two hours of play, the chest simply dissapeared out of the inventory.

I went to EU Mid (Asta) to check if i received the gift as well, but the server was so crowded that there wasn’t any chance to look at the received tab (it bugged out). I want to continue at Asta, where my main is, but it is very sad to find out that the celebration-chest is gone for me.


same for me T_T

Same over here, am so sad :sob: