I did it! I had fun!

Been spending my whole lost ark experience after completing the T1 and T2 islands filling my play time with doing dailies and logging off. Playing the same boring content on multiple characters over and over again for several hours everyday, but yesterday I finally did it!

I played lost ark for 4 hours and I actually enjoyed my time!!! I logged on tired of the tedium and when I went to click on chaos dungeons I stopped and said “Fuck it, I feel like pvping” and queued for the coliseum. Spent the next 4 hours going “One more game!” Or “I messed up here but I do the next one better!”

Before I knew it I had logged on to all my alts but not to dailies. To pvp having great triumphant moments, rage pissed off moments, and the drive to get better.

My “end game” time in lost ark has all been mind numbing borefest of chores where it feels like someone stun gunned my brain wondering what the hell im even playing for.

Why can’t our dailies in this game just be general activities like a giant list of most activities in the game where you just have to do a certain amount to get enough credit of the equivalent current chaos dungeon daily? Wouldn’t the game be much better if you could log in and just get daily mats for what you actually want to/ enjoy doing?

From now on I’m saying fuck it to honing mats. Why do something that doesn’t respect my time? It’s a game right? Don’t we play these things to have fun? From now on I’m only logging on to lost ark to play content I find fun. If I never get another iLvl again then so be it. At least I will be enjoying my time


i think that’s is the right mindset in order to have fun and not burn out.


I like this post, and I have been approaching the game the same way. I’m only at 1327 because I play what amuses me.

Out of curiosity, have you played a game that works that way? I can’t actually think of an MMO that doesn’t have some degree of daily “chores.”

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I feel you. I had the same experience with pvp. Not yet ready to let go of the honing hell but maybe it’s the right thing to ignore 95% of the game and just do what brings joy.

Been MMOing for a long time. Most MMOs I played are older. Last time I played Wow was through original Burning crusade and at the end of the expansion is when they added in dailies. And even then the dailies weren’t required. They were just an extra easy way to get gold and some items.

Played mmos since the start of 2000. Dailies done well and made to enhance the player experience can be a good addition to a game, but ones made to feel mandatory are a misuse of it and mainly hurt the game in my book. And yes MMOs we’re fun and engaging before dailies existed XD.

My time on lost ark hasn’t felt like an MMO. It feels like a phone rpg with a light multiplayer aspect and I do mean light. It’s not a bad game at all, but it’s not an MMO

Dailies were actually patched in very early in TBC. I agree that LA feels like an ARPG with a bit of group content rather than an MMO. It’s consistent with other Korean games I’ve played. It moves faster than a mobile game. I’d be hard pressed to live on my Sorc on mobile.

I love skipping and just go pvp, kill some world bosses or just take photos on beautiful places

Hahaha, yes exactly what the white knights want you to do. Just ignore the 95% of the game thats horrible, and just take your time, chill! Loaf around on panda island roleplaying! Take in the views in Vern, surf around in Punika! The options are endless.

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all this coz smilegate sed we are bots not whomans and we need more content eaven if we cudnt reach this one to tryhard more.

Yeah I got 1340, saw the rates and materials/gold/silver requirements going up by ridiculous exponents, and went fishing. Fishing is the proper end game here. Also chaos dungeons for stress relief, bank mats until welfare changes.

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the current stage of the road map is pvp.

i also popped in and have fully abandoned all aspects of pve for now lol

like battle passes? i can get behind that

I mostly meant part of the reason this game is stale is cause we are forced to do the same content on repeat forever. Instead open up daiy activities that get honing mats to like 2 quests you can do almost anything in the game to complete, so the player is rewarded for playing the game and keeping engagement numbers high that way. Sadly I fear that will never happen because if they make the daily grind for honing mats more enjoyable and accessible less people will pay real money to skip it. That attitude tends to get more money in the short run but kills games in the long run :/.

I don’t feel like lost ark will truly die here in the west as it is still a good game but I fear it will end up becoming a niche game here in the west with a player base to reflect that until major changes come

i don’t think that many people pay real money to skip it anyway

Very well said and beside the good suggestions you made i honestly am happy you broke free from the daily shackes and you are doing what you enjoy in game.

I have had some good times. I’ve been super frustrated. It’s just a game.

I went from Grade 20 to Tier 1 and it was definitely fun. The rewards are also pretty decent so i guess that i am going to keep PvPing now and then both for fun and rewards.

Well, the good thing is, PvP will enable you to get mats as well so even if you do decide to pick up honing again you’ll have a ton of tokens and mats to buy with them!