I didn’t receive my Founders Packs yet

IGN: Hellmord
Server: Thirain (Europe Central)
The founder packs that i did not receive are Bronze and Gold and Platinum.


  • shop is not opening at all.
  • Aura gone.
  • Product Inventory says 1 ,and when i restart the game it says 0 which means i only got 1?
  • Oh yes i placed my name on the list i am number 97 and still nothing!.
    Didn't receive your gifted Founders Packs?

Please help!

My additional founder’s pack disappeared… Is that normal?

Thats not how its gonna work. They dont use this thread to give ten thousand of people their Founder Packs manually. They try to find out what all these accounts have in common to then deploy a fix.


Oh, thanks i think we have to wait that is all.

i think they send it to the wrong server region