I didnt do guardian assault but game thinks i did

Its the 3erd time i lost 1 guardian soul , i did 2 dungeons on the morning scorpion and chromaniun, the turtle and the scorpion , i remember pretty well cause i learned today to break the shell of the turtle and the tail of the scorpion , then i went to the islands to farm items to get to tier 2, i’m 1 item away from tier 2 , and when i come back at night to kill the fox 2 times, i realize i’m missing 1 soul and more than that it says i killed Lumerus!!! WTF, i think i have never even defeated him cause i dont remember his mecanics, but i’m 100% sure i didnt kill him today wtf, i didnt even enter his dungeon… plss give me my souls back… its not fair. sorry if u miss understand something i write, English is not my mother toungue i dont even know how this bug happened i just entered at night and the orb was completed with the lion face wtf its the 3erd time on the row that this happen to me, i’m from Agaton, my characters name is Turos a deadeye.