I didn't receive my powerpass

I finished all of Vern and the quest Ealyn’s gift it is marked as completed in my quest log but I have not received my Powerpass
Name Hideonbush
Server Vykas

Hey there @kyn Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Just to confirm, are you talking about the Vern Powerpasses or the new Punika Powerpass included with today’s update?

I read that you only need to finish Punika and the ukelelee guy quest, and I’ve done both but still don’t see a pass :frowning:

@stareater Make sure you look through all of your character’s mails! Sometimes it gets delivered to an alt and not your main!

I checked every character and I still don’t have it, not sure why

Please let me know your server and name of your main character so I can check further.

Server is Ezrebet and character Enferlain. send help pls :call_me_hand:

My ilvl is 1340 and I haven’t done south vern


Also havent received powerpass

Redominus 1462 Server Azena


Sorry for the wait guys, still checking! :sweat_smile:


The issue happens to me as well. My character’s name is Danielcervilla and his item level is 1381.66. The server i’m currently at is Zinnervale.
Thanks a lot!

Alright after checking this is what I was able to find, @stareater, @Redominus and @Galdore on your accounts the issue seems to be that you haven’t completed the prerequisite purple questline starting with “Where memories being” and ending with “Berver’s friend”, after completing this quest line in Punika you should receive the Powerpass. As for @kyn I wasn’t able to find your account unfortunately, please let me know the name of any other characters in your roster to try to find it if you’re still having issues locating the Powerpasses.



Thank you so much <3

Thanks a lot!

I cant find the quest, and I have looked for the quest and I have already done Punika, and South Vern. I do not understand what is going on

@Redominus maybe u started it and havent finished it, the quest chain start with where memories begin (purple quest right next to where nia is in punika), then lailai begins, then a special tour, then breaking the stuffed pinata, then ride the ocean, then challenge pinata, then time for refreshment, then a quest about a cloth, then honorary punikan, then bervers friend

check ur quest journal with the J key and you should be able to see one of these if u did start it and left it halfway

@Fanduh Pleas also check mine:
Msdumpling - Ezrebet

I finished “Brever’s Friend quest” don’t have vern powerpass

Hey there @KozaK Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I was able to find your Powerpass in your deleted level 53 Gunlancer’s mailbox, in this case you’d need to request assistance from our Support Team directly to try to restore the mail or otherwise, restore the whole character to be able to claim the Powerpass from the mail, to do this visit the following link and click the Web Ticket button:

Make sure to include all relevant information such as: name of the character to recover (if you know it), the class of the character to recover, the name of an active character in your account and your server/region.