I didn't receive second Powerpass

a few minutes ago I used my first powerpass, because I saw several content producers showing that you get a second powerpass after using the first one

I completed the tutorial without skipping, and so far I haven’t received the second powerpass in the mailbox

Server: Kazeros - South America

Greetings @VectisL,

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@VectisL, actually There are two ways a Power Pass will be provided to you:

  • When you completes the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern, a single Vern Power Pass Token will be provided via in-game mail (And I believe that you have already completed the quest)

  • After using the first Power Pass, a second Power Pass will be granted to players via in-game mail.

But after two Power Passes are received, you will not be able to earn a third Power Pass this way

The Adventurers Path can be started immediately after consuming the Power Pass on an alternative character.

  • This feature compresses the level 10 - 50 segment for an alternative character through a story told by Beatrice.

  • It will guide you on the essentials and progression, specific to your class, allowing you to re-live the content quickly through the new character.

  • Completing the Adventurers Path quest chain will equip your character with the gear appropriate for Vern content."

And you can refer to our latest post also : February 20 - Update on Current Top Issues

It states : We’ve also heard the ask for Power Pass grants to help folks transfer to new regions, but unfortunately this is not something that can work as a solution. A Power Pass can only be implemented on a Roster that already has a level 50 character, and will not work on the first character on a Roster, even if you have previously done so on another region or server. However, you will still be able to earn 2 free Power Passes on the Europe West region after getting your first character to 50 and completing “Ealyn’s Gift”.

But if you have not received the second power pass, could you please try these steps :

  1. Start steam.
  2. Go to your game library.
  3. Right-click on the Lost Ark and choose properties.
  4. Go to the local files tab.
  5. Click on verify the integrity of game files.
  6. After you’ve done the above steps, restart the game.

Please try these steps and please let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Thank you

I have tried these steps, i still haven’t received the second powerpass

I will describe in the best way what may have happened, and if this is really the case, look for a solution
main menu

on the day of the game’s free to play release, I created my first characters on the Arcturos server in South America, but with the intention of waiting to be able to create a character on the Kazeros server, I played for several hours to understand the game and manually leveled 2 characters until level 50 (I received 1 powerpass that is stored in the chest) until then I didn’t know the functionality

two days ago it released character creation on the kazeros server, I didn’t think twice about leaving the other server because my friends are playing on the kazeros server, even though I knew I would have to start from 0, but I had plenty of time to dedicate

but being very honest, I just wanted to leave my characters at level 50 on the server that I believe has the most durability, and I’m not so excited to replay the campaign one more time in addition to the other three

Sorry if there was any communication error, I’m using google translator

Hey @VectisL,

So sorry to hear about this issue that you have faced, no worries in this case I’ll escalate this issue to the concerned team and they will be able to resolve your issue. Could you please help me out with these details :

  1. Character Name
  2. Class/Level
  3. Server/World
  4. A Screenshot of your in-game inventory

Please help me out with these details so I can escalate this issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. Character Name: Lilyac
  2. Class/Level: Shadowhunter lv. 50
  3. Server/World: South America - Kazeros
  4. A Screenshot of your in-game inventory:

having the same issue

Hey sir, any update on my situation?

this is exactly what happened to me as. Is there a resolution yet? I would like my 2 power passes on the new server that I transferred to per AGS sharing we would receive all the same perks moving off populated servers.

Hello @VectisL,

I’m so sorry for the late response, I have escalated this issue to our specialized team and as per the team you initially started the Powerpass Quest Chain on one of your character named “Toponefrombrazil” and you’re currently in “Powerless Plant” Quest. So you have to complete that, as the game is expecting you to finish the Quest Chain there to grant the character with the Powerpass.

So I Advise you to complete the Powerpass quest chain on your character up until you finish “Ealyn’s Gift” and then you should receive the Powerpass through mail on that character.

If even after that you did not receive the Powerpass, please feel free to contact us back!

We are here for your assistance anytime :slight_smile:

Thank you

@Executioner I have completed the quest on my new server and used the first power pass but haven’t received the 2nd one in the mail yet. I followed the steps you shared and started my game again but nothing?

Thank you

Im having the same problem as VectisL and need some help.
Character name : Frickmax
Class: gunslinger
Server: danube

The issue I see here though (if I understand correctly), is that you received 1 powerpass on arcturus (not used sitting in inventory) and 1 on khazaros.

This means your account for that region is flagged as having received 2 powerpasses. From what I understand you can only receive 2 powerpasses per region.

Unfortunately I think that means you won’t get more as from what I can tell they are unable to transfer powerpass nor grant it.

Ive never played on either of those servers but that explains what happened.
Thank you.

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It does explain but also doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a fix. Granting a power pass on a new server should be easy? I actually don’t mind the leveling I am just said I missed out on the pet with the fast-leveling version as I used my power pass to instant boost to 50 thinking I could do the 3rd the medium way… oh well such is life…

Greetings to all!

So sorry for all the inconvenience that you’ve faced using the power pass!

Here is a full explanation about how Power Passes works:

Power Passes are limited to 2 per region (2 on US-West, 2 on US-East, 2 on EU-Central, 2 on SA-East) as regions are treated as separate “accounts”

Within those regions, using a power pass will automatically grant you a second one that can only be used on that specific world that you used the first on.

One caveat is, if you do not use your first power-pass, you can level to max on a separate world within the same region and get a power-pass. However, when you do this, using that power-pass will not grant you a second to use as you have hit your region max of 2 but split it over two worlds.

My apologies on taking this much time to bring you an answer, I just wanted to make sure that I’m giving you the proper information on this.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I was also having the same issue with the second PP not arriving via mail.

What if i delete my character on my second world where i yet to acquire a powerpass by mail due to being underlevelled/quest requirements not met?

Nontheless, this hell of a complicated system was not disclosed to us prior and it is infuriating.
If i knew that at the start, i would never start another character on a second world in the same region…

Now here comes one more knowledge transfer: 600g and the time and effort behind it is down the drain instantly instead of a powerpass i could’ve gotten if i had the info… What a shame…

If we have got a powerpass on a second server as per the above situation but not used it on a character is there any way we can move the power pass to the server we intend to play on? I feel like I have been punished for purchasing the founders pack. My friends I play with were not able to create characters on my server and now I am stuck with a lvl50 on a different server along with 1 power pass just sitting there.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As far as i know, you can not transfer it sadly

This is the character i used my first power pass on but this character didnt have my second pass in the mailbox or anything like that i verified my game cache as well

  1. Character Name - Zinozerk
  2. Class/Level - 50
  3. Server/World - Azena
  4. A Screenshot of your in-game inventory

i checked my storages ive checked all the stuff that has number on top its not in any of those as well ive checked my storage keeper too