I didn't receive the launch celebration, crystalline aura gone, can't use store!

Okay so imma go crazy soon bc the game full of bugs and it makes unplayable. I get nothing, can’t que to daily/chaos/abyss and i still can’t use store and after all the crystalline aura isn’t working wich makes me and other players lose a lot of silver. Can yall just fix this or we have to wait more weeks? PvP window says reward but still nothing (idk what reward should it be)
I has nothing to do and i should probably just uninstall if it’s keep going on like this for weeks.

I have the same problems, isn’t it lovely?

In any case I hope they get it sorted soon, because other than the technical issues I am having a blast with the game


feel u. i like the game too af it is cool but as i said
unplayable 4me

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same problem here. love the game have already spent 150 hours on it, but bro im waiting 1 hour to just get in guardian raid and still cant. aura gone. cant redeem my any of the gifts. im getting rly frustrated. this has been going for several days now. no responce from anyone. no update on the status anywhere. the last one was like 9 days ago. clearly they dont give a damn about eu. they just threw eu west to shut us up and went on with having NA beeing great and all.

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yep. exactly. but idk why bc there is more players from eu than na x)))