I didnt recieved my second vern pass


I didnt recieve my second pass. I’m lvl 50 on my main, received my first pass, used on arti, skipped adventure and i’m lvl 50 with him too…but i didnt received my second pass…
My email has a notification, but there is nothing there, so i think can be a bug.

I play using geforce Now.

Hello @cj_celio, hope you’re well and I’m sorry for the late response.

Were you able to find your Vern powerpass? You should have received it right after finishing the powerpass process with your other character if it’s your second character to reach level 50. If not, it is also possible that your mail with the powerpass could have expired, could you please provide me with the name and server of your character so we could investigate further?

FYI, when you have a notification like that where the mail icon is grayed out, it means that you have a mail from a player, you can check them by talking to a mail carrier or by using your pet functions if you have an active crystalline aura.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia!