I didn't start on the server I wanted

When the game was first opened, I could not start on the server chosen by my guild members, I played for a while and left the game because of this problem.
I upgraded my account to level 47 I’m bored because I’m alone
I started the game by purchasing a bronze package, the rewards came to my first account.
These days, I wanted to start the game again, I started with the same account on the server where the guild members are located. I deleted my account on the first server I opened and did not use crystals in the first account.
I request that the crystals that I do not use from the old server I played are transferred to the kadan server because I couldn’t buy the game and play it regularly because of the crowd

Hi @Mersinleee, welcome to our community : )

I’m sorry to hear about the situation with the crystals in the old server.

Unfortunately at this point there is no an option to move the items from one server to another. The crystals and other items you have in the first server you played are attached to that server and cannot be transferred to another character in a different server.

Have a good day.