I didn't think the game could get worse

I see the new issue is that once the game crashes, which is always, it won’t shut down in Steam, so you have to force it closed through the task manager or restart your computer. Like having to restart the whole game wasn’t bad enough.

I was able to force Steam to close. Launch it and the game back up and then I find out I’m still logged in. So now I have to wait for that on top of the 7 minutes to force Steam closed and reopen it all up. Heaven forbid you get your account temporarily locked on top of all of this.

Now that I’m no longer logged in-game I try to start it up again and get another error?

All-in-all this took about 24 minutes to get back into the game… I was trying to switch characters to get to the field boss at 11:58 server when the load screen froze and by the time I got back in it was 12:22 server.

FIX YOUR GAME SG! HOLY SH*T! The only thing they seem to be working on is trying to lose their player base.

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Don’t you threaten them with a good time, they’ll find a way.

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