I don’t know what all the fuss is about… and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

Hello to all fellow Arkesians :saluting_face:

There has been a lot of threads recently complaining about the recent patch (Argos raid).

I have miserably failed at understanding what the issue was… :no_mouth:

Could someone explain to me, like I were a 5 year old, what it’s all about?

Thanks in advance ~
GL HF ~ :wink:

Argos is a content needing 1370 ilvl, a stuff that only really few F2P people managed to reach… it is mainly “whales” who can go do this. and 1370 is not even enough to clean all, 1400 needed for this.

On the other side, it exists content that anyone in 1302+ (or little higher) can do, we don’t have in game, like for example the weekly guardian trial.

So this content was released with only some whales being able to do it. While most people struggle with honing to get to it and have to wait 1 month, only content “for all” (i know people not even 1100) is the kadan story thing, which is not a huge content. just somes story quests

And… just an event giving engravings, cards. So the main point of the patch is Argos… which is only for whales

I’m still having a hard time understanding…

So are people complaining about the fact that the patch only had content for higher ilvl players and that other players didn’t get anything new?

Sorry if I’m dumb…

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In Korea, Smilegate is very loved by its player base. They have a reputation of game dev who is listening to people and after all these years of developing Lost Ark managed to make a game that is fun to play, is generous for the players (also F2P ones), and allow everyone to access content if they try/spend money, so no gatekeeping.
Now… Many people says (hard to disagree with them) that our version is the most F2P unfriendly and the most predatory one. Why?
We got content that requires a gear score of 1370 to access. 1370 is tier3 epic +15 and the road from 1340 which is +9 to 1370 is very hard. Materials are extremely expensive and you must deal with 30%/15%/10% upgrade chances which are much lower than what we saw in tier1/2. People are counting that the average cost of getting from 1340 to 1370 is around 300 000 gold. Depends on your luck. That creates a situation where heavy spenders just swipe (that also makes prices higher so it’s harder for other players to upgrade their gear) where players who don’t have money or don’t want to spend are locked in the loophole where they can’t progress. All they can do is do 2x daily chaos and guardian raid and these 2 activities give them resources for like 1.25 upgrades. It’s not very fun when you see other players enjoying new content when you are stuck without any chance to catch up anytime soon.
Also Korea before Argos had another T3 activities like Bridge, Abbysal guardians etc. Just more ways to obtain mats. For some reason here they did the opposite, they released Argos first…


There is no issue. T1 karens crying bc t3 wales do something that they can’t do yet.

2.4% of playerbase reached t3.

A lvl 30 or t1 player watches a youtube video and follow like sheeps complaining about irelevant things.

The other day i saw a 260 ilvl (not even t1) complaining about he can’t do argos in chat.

Like wtf?

Everyone forgot to enjoy the game they playing and wants everything on the table. They forget what an mmo is.

Its not like other solo games that u have 40-60 h of content.
You have 10000000h of contwbt to do


there you go


Just to be sure.
So people are sad that people who pay get access to content before those who are F2P?
The content is still ours once we reach T3 right? Or is this limited time content?.

I’ll try and give it go :ok_hand:

Not exactly, they were promised that there will be no gatekeeping in this game but they got exactly the opposite. In the first month of the game being live so it’s not exactly a promising start.
If you have time Asmongold made 1h long video where he does a very good job of talking about the current situation. This video should explain it much better than anything you will see on forum.


Damn, now I have two videos to watch from the same YouTuber lol.
Thanks I’ll give it a go !

People mad they are releasing content that very few people are going to be anywhere near for a good while yet, instead of releasing all the missing content that would make the games progression feel better or all the QOL stuff that is still missing from NA release.

So basically everyone is pissed off AGS took a predatory approach to FOMO pushing people into paying to progress so they can do a boss.

People is mad that there is a lot of content that gives materials missing RU/KOR got them all before argos .

Lets say you want for christmas a playstation 5 , you open the gift day 25 and realize you got a Gamestation 1 of those chinease nintendo emulators with like 100 games .

Will you be happy about it ?

u were given a toy bike, ur friends have the same brand for many years before u, they love & enjoy theirs.

but ur version of toy bike has flaws & limitations, they modified it so ur bike can’t go faster, wobbly wheels, & the horn doesn’t work.

they made ur version to cause inconvenience to u, on purpose, because they want u to break ur piggy bank to fix these problems. u can only buy the parts that u desperately need from their store.

meanwhile ur friends are driving in circles around u, laughing at u… some friends huh :wink:

I’m not a huge fan of this guy but for sure he is an intelligent person and points out very well what’s wrong with the game, why people are disappointed, and how this situation can be fixed.

That almost sounds like real life and all too real :joy:

I’ve watched the video.

Can’t say I agree with everything that was being said but I’m glad I now know what’s going on :joy:

Thanks for the vid !

It was 1h length so it would be hard to agree with everything :rofl:

go to san Francisco or new york and try to buy a new house. no loans no mortgages.
now imagine everywhere in the world is like that.
they make new houses that you will not be able to afford even if you save up and make all the right decisions.

the only other option is to be rich, which is not something you get to choose to do.
this is called a paywall
now that’s the real world and thats kinda how it works.

but this is a video game, so people get upset when they see game design makes

f2p players look like they are playing trial versions of the game where they can’t experience the latest toys and can only get the hand me down versions after the rich kids are done playing with them

if you do the math on the honing probability and the amount of materials a person can possibly get without whaling, mathematically the average player would not/cannot hit 1370 up until this point in the game even if they exhausted every in game source of materials, as everything is time gated (1 abysal attempt per week per dungeon, 2 chaos dungeons per day, dailies/weeklies, you get it).

for the people who said u can make the money by playing the marketplace mini game.

yes you can, but remember in doing so you are essentially exploiting the clueless in order to profit off their losses in trade, and therefore, most people will not come out on top gaming the AH.

tl;dr, they release content that most people cannot do without swiping to get more upgrade materials, and they held off on releasing content that is already in other regions which the mass majority CAN attempt, which also gives more upgrade materials. and some people see that as a dirty business move from amazon.

i dunno what the case is, but i do know amazon games is currently -1/5 in my ratings after trying newworld and now lost ark.

i dont care what game they publish next i will not play another amazon games published games again unless i see significant changes in their business operations

just for reference. i am a newb at this game that got excited after looking at youtube clips of this game, and got the founders pack and started on early start.
im at about 500 hours into the game right now, almost no lifing the game, but i did intentionally come into the game as a blank slate because i wanted to enjoy learning as i go instead of doing a ton of research pre-release.

i am sitting at 1341 item level now and i think i have a decent general idea about how to spend my time in the game now, but i am pretty sure i will not hit 1370 any time soon because i lack the means to do so. i spend my days now doing daily tasks and playing some alts and hope that anyone who designs games to maximize profit over player enjoyment to die in a fire

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I watched a vid where he went from 1340 to 1370 it was painful

I like the analogy.
Thanks for sharing your insight.

I’m far from reaching T3 so I can’t possibly imagine how “impossible” the 1340 wall is…

Guess I’ll know once I get there.