I dont care about starting over just to play with my friends

What I care about is that if I decide to switch servers I am losing items and buffs that I paid for and is not returned to me

The items will be returned to you as stated in the information they gave us this morning about supplying founders with an additional pack.
The buff on the other hand is sadly not included in that.

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That’s incorrect, They announced they would give you a fraction of the founders pack you payed for. It’s not the full amount or even remotely close to it.

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My bad in that case. I didn’t dive deep in to the information seeing as I only bought the Bronze pack.
Sad to hear that is the case.

It’s an absolute joke and a complete rip-off.

I bought a Gold pack. If I restart on a brand new server I DON’T get:

  • A Character Expansion slot
  • A Gold supply crate
  • Or my 30-day Crystalline Aura
    Oh, and I also don’t get to use the Immortal Punisher skin I bought for my Gunner using my initial Royal Crystals - which means I basically paid to get ripped off.

So unless there’s some magical way to transfer a skin bundle across servers, I’m getting royally screwed and essentially paying the same price as other people for less.

Apparently Crystal Aura is noe account bound and works on all of the servers. Still we are losing items just to play with friends.