I don't care what bots are doing, let me use my powerpass already

This is now the second time that alts have been soft-locked from new content for an absurd amount of time, first with the Heyger’s Manor bug that locked off Valtan, and now again by entirely removing powerpasses from use a week after they were made available and handed out.

Because I didn’t use my powerpass in that week, I’m barred from experiencing the new class without running through hours of repeated, boring story and leveling through T1-2.

These “measures” against bots clearly aren’t helping very much anyway, human players are being punished too much for the actions of bots.

You’d think they’d be capable of at least giving us a couple updates on a situation that is, at least imo, pretty dire. But no, I shouldn’t expect anything decent in the realm of communication


We care but we don’t care about you LOL

Here is some recent communication from Roxx on the matter. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:.

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New info on the way sometime mid-next week, so probably august 30th.


Hello??? Powerpasses are still disabled, this is rediculous, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

That update was legit nothing but the same repeated phrase of “Powerpasses are still disabled” Really???

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The NA/EU Lost Ark team are a joke. How can it take over a week to fix something so simpel.


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This is just partly about bots, but mostly about payments being done using stolen credit cards that eventually get refunded. They implemented 3 day holding period in several areas so that criminals can’t immediately sell stuff (for real money) that will be refunded. I suspect that AGS figured that 3 days is the sweet spot between inconvenience and time required for refund to happen.

In terms of Powerpass maybe they could just do something similar to Royal Crystals to what they did with gold - for 3 days you can buy limited stuff with those, powerpass not included. This way refund would happen before they can get powerpass, while legit players would just wait those 3 days (if they didn’t have any RC sitting in bank for days).

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I don’t want to assume that fixing the problem is simple, but given the severity of the problem, it’s pretty absurd to have to wait over a week for a fix