I don't get rewards

Please help me, I can’t receive achievements and twitch prime rewards on my account, what can I do to redeem them?

I did the achievements of getting 50 friends (people person) and I didn’t get the 1000 Amethyst Shard

Char : Punishment

Server : Kazeros SA

Hello @Oreia ! I really hope you are well today in general. :dizzy: :sparkler:

First of all we need to know if your accounts are linked correctly, let me provide additional steps , just make a double check:

To find the latest information on drops, go to Lost Ark Twitch Drops. For information on how to participate in Twitch Drops, check out Twitch Support.

Tip: If you connected your Twitch account through the game, make sure to verify the link and claim your drops!

  1. Log in to your Twitch account, and set your status to Online.
  2. Complete the tasks needed to qualify for a Drop. Note: Look for streams with Twitch Drops enabled.
  3. When your tasks are complete and you receive a drop, select Claim Now from your Twitch Drops Inventory page.
  4. Select Connect on Drop, and the Lost Ark Twitch Drops page appears.
  5. On the Lost Ark Twitch Drops screen, select Sign in with Twitch. To authorize the Lost Ark Web application to grant the drops in-game, sign in to your Twitch account.
  6. When prompted, select Sign In with Steam. To link your Steam account to Twitch, sign in with the Steam account that you use to play Lost Ark.
  7. Select Activate to add your Lost Ark Twitch Drops your account.

Please let us know if this helped you out so far.

@GoHi Friend, I received the first drops, I didn’t receive the last ones, I’m sure it’s linked, and I’m not receiving activation rewards either (achievements made in-game)

i take frist drops ,the last ones that didn’t arrive, as well as amethyst

Hello @Oreia ! Wishing you a great day today.

Thank so much for providing that information.

Just to make a double check

Did you click on ‘’ Claim’’ to the items form prime gaming?

If you already did it , Can you please check the datas of the game?


man I play this game 16+hrs a day and I always have lives open to win all drops, checking with my friends I found more things that I didn’t win, I didn’t receive the instrument skin, I didn’t win the last drops and prime awards, no I got some rewards like Amethyst , my universal storage is defective that’s all man , I’m hurting myself without resources that I ran after to get it arrived in my account

@GoHi :grinning:

@GoHi I didn’t find in game how to open a ticket and the site was down when I tried, how am I going to solve my problem?

Hello @Oreia !

My sincere apologies for the delay, I was on my days off.

Please click here :arrow_forward: Live Support

You can provide the link of this post then my peers can use also this pictures as evident of your concern.