I don't get the hate @ Express Pass

Its just weird, Express is not aimed at 1370 6+ alts roster andy but to new players yet the express is available until 1302 which new players cannot get into fast and have to play literal dead t1 and t2 content

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But this isn’t your reward for grinding alts to 1370. This is a new character you get FOR FREE. The only requirement was to reach 1302 on a single character.

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I have my Main on 1460, alt 1445 1385 1370 1370 1370.

Now i can create arcana and replace my sorc.
I can boost her up to 1415+ with All the mats i have to spare.

I could just use the Express Event on my Main and get the free mats instead.

People that dont have the time and commitment Like us can make there first or second 1370 alt.

Guys Like us really should Not Complain about a free 1370 boost even if it does not Benefit us Like it does other people.

Its just ungreatful and greedy nothing more.


If memory serves me right, in russia with the release of Vykas, they gave a hyperexpress that left a T3 character at 1415.

This is the reason people get angry, they put a lot of content but they don’t help you get to it.

You knew this will come. If you planned on using this pass:

*You should have not used your 6 spaces LOL
*You should buy more.

This is not recent news, people knew passes will come before the EU/NA thing released, its a daily topic in the forum since months.

This events are meant to be catchups for people that are not ahead, that start or get their favourite class released, or to make a new alt.

Anyway, I love those people (not meaning you) playing the game for free for months, for 1000+ hours 100% free, and then complaining because they cant use something (FREE again) if they dont buy a slot.

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What do you mean they don’t help you? The free gold honing books in the event store every week, literally event after event with honing mats and books that refresh weekly? It is not that hard to push a single character to 1460.


I’m a guy like that and I want those guys to have their first 1415 alt instead of a 1370. What’s the problem with that? I guess they deserve grinding Yoho then if they want it so badly. They’re literally shitting on themselves defending this. Idiots lmao

That’s kind of my whole point. If you want it, work for it. If this game gave everything out without any effort, it’d be dead in a month.

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The pass was expected to be to 1415. Most people planned for that. Beeing to 1370 is recent news.

I wouldnt mind if it was just a free character but there will be a bunch of rewards associeted to it that ill need to stop doing higher level content to get.

There was literally no hint that it was going to be a 1415. No one at AGS or SG said that. Just a bunch of tinfoil theorycrafters that gaslighted the forums into thinking it.


1370-1415 is literally the easiest and fastest push you can have.

But why should you ‘Work’ a little bit for your 1415 ALT while there are literally mains sitting on 1415-1430.


I already have it bro. Some alts are still sitting at 1370 but with thousands of bound mats and 1200+ GHL-s. We don’t want new players to be shit on we don’t want Arcana mains to be shit on we don’t want you guys to be shit on because we know what it is like to grind Yoho for months.

You know if this is what you want then have it I guess you prefer doing the dogshit content instead of actually getting a shot at catching up / rotating fun content but then don’t come to the forums 1 months from now on bitching about being burnt out lol

Roxx said it was going to be a Hyper Express. It just turns out she doesn’t even know what Hyper Express is so people got baited hard

The express pass was called an Hyper Express, thats a 1415 in other regions.

well it would have made more sense for new players as well for most twinks to get a nice 1415 express … i mean its not the end of the world its jsut kind of worthless this way and so nothing to be happy about. the question is why is this even needed that way

i think the issue is that a lot of people are playing a class that they don’t like and maybe some are arcana enjoyers and getting up to 1370 doesn’t give enough to ‘main’ a class i myself wanted arcana for a long time wanted it as my main dps, im a bard main atm and i personally think 1370 is not enough, does it bother me? not really cuz i have a main that is high enough to make the content we already have but for people that wanted to ‘main’ it sucks and i totally understand the hate plus we already know about KR server Rusia and Japan so it normal for people to compare and feel like they get a shitty treatment

I personally would not want brand new people who skipped to 1415 to be in my Valtan runs. At least with 1370 - 1415, they can learn basic mechanics/skill combos doing Abyss Hard, Argos, Yoho. As well as starting their T3 engravings.

You matchmake your Valtan runs or what? FYI you can inspect roster lvl / engravings and gear if you make your own party in party finder.

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But we’ve known Arcana was going to be out in July. If people wanted to main it, they could’ve saved mats instead of rage hone all their mats away. A 1370 skip + a month’s worth of saved mats would EASILY get an Arcana to 1445.

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Bro, people had enough time to learn “basic stuff” in T1 and T2. It’s not like you can boost from level 1 to ilvl 1415 even if we had hyper express.
ALso, express doesn’t even boost anything, it just makes easier and faster.