I dont get this Black Friday "sale" to be honest

In theory we should be able to buy usual stuff at reduced price, but instead what we got are some bundles of stuff that we might not actually need/want for a rather high price (except the 1k one), there is not even a single discount for blue crystal packs, which many were expecting.

This Black Friday feels more like a gift to amazon itself than an actual sale for customers.

Im sorry to give this negative feedback but thats how i see it (and from what i heard here, reddit and on my guild im not the only one who sees it this way)


Dunno bout you but it’s a pretty normal black friday sale for me. Basically look at stuff and say to myself “Wow that’s something I don’t need. Looks pretty tho”

Well buy at least something like pheons pack at 50% discount would have been nice right? It just makes no sense to me, but well maybe im the weird one haha

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Heres how i look at any type of “sale” especially during this time of year.

The marketing behind most black friday sales revolve around 2 things, convincing the consumer they need something and convincing the consumer that the price is a limited time only sale.

Amazon can put whatever crap they want into these sales so long as they convince the general player base that they need this and its at a good price (which lets be fair everything in this game is overpriced).

I agree. But what I find strange is, generally Black Friday revolves around discounts. And while there are time-limited deals, they generally don’t involve time-limited goods.

For example, Blizzard will give discounts on stuff in their store during the Black Friday, but will not sell a time-limited Turkey Skin.

At least is the first time I’m seeing this kind of promotion in a PC game.

(Not that I care, even with a discount everything would still be expensive in SA. Lol, if you work at an Amazon warehouse here in Brazil the Turkey pack would cost you 1/3 of what they pay you monthly).

I agree, I will it compare to BDO since they are both KR games although its Amazon but still both KR game.

when BDO Blackfriday is up, they usually sell bundles like an actual bundle with a game but its kinda free game you know but whats inside is totally worth it, 50 or more % discount or even the pearl which is like royal crystal is like buy 1 take 1, ike if you buy Pearl 500 you get another 500 and more 20-50% discount items in shop.

here? ehh, its more like they are trying to take advantage of players.

They will never fix the game.

Despite everything, whales are still swiping for a $100 FOMO bundle.


It’s hopeless

Can i buy it with blue crystals ?
No ?
Dont care then

Fix game ? Whatcha smoking.

You mean to cater to your subjective values ? lul. No game is gonna do that

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