I don't have any cards

I don’t have any cards. Where can i claim them?

Me too, all my cards disapeared, wait and see, I recorded my card book few days ago in case of issue like this

Your cards should be in your Universal Storage, and you can claim them from there

Did you check Universal Storage?

I went through all 13 pages of my universial storage that I access after character login — through the guide menu, my cards are not there. Is there a different universal storage option that I should be able to access?

alt+c and you should have a new tab there on the right

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Thank you greatly appreciated. If anyone else is reading this, do not open any card packs or claim any cards from special missions before you claim from that storage. You will not lose the card, but you will lose silver and card xp expended on the affected cards.

They are in alt c card storage, many people got confused

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