I don't have the Stronghold

are level 51 I do not have the Stronghold and I can not find any npc that gives me the quest, I have already checked if I had it but nothing I don’t have music and I’m sure I didn’t make it. I don’t know how to fix help

Ouch, you definitely should have received your stronghold back in Prideholme.

If you don’t have the music yet, try talking to Siera in Prideholme. She is the one who should have given you the music.

I’m here in front of siera but nothing has no missions to give me

questline starts in luterra, i dont remember which npc but it should be near the castle entrance

Do you have the “Song of Heart and Home” ? I don’t think there is a “quest” to unlock your stronghold you just get it after the luterra castle siege (could be wrong though)

I looked for them one by one but nothing I do not have that mission and no npc has that this to give me

no I don’t have it. I did the siege and I’m also much further ahead but nothing

Have you checked your guide quests too ? Maybe its already in your questlog but its not tracked ? Sorry if these are very obvious things that you probably already checked but I remember when I thought a quest was bugged just because I didn’t have it tracked :X

Just watched this video Unlock Stronghold Lost Ark - YouTube
it should’ve just been a seamless quest chain given to you, maybe if nothing else works you could try live chat AGS for a faster response