I don't know if it's a bug or if I accidentally bought around 3,000 royal crystals but I have 3,000 crystals I didn't buy

As the title says, I somehow got 3,000 royal crystals. I can explain in detail the circumstances around how I got those crystals, but just incase it’s an exploitable bug, I would prefer to not describe it in a public forum.

To be honest, the main reason I am making this post is that I don’t want to get banned for an accident. I’ve been refreshing my email to see if I got any receipts from Steam but I haven’t gotten anything which makes me think I got 3,000 royal crystals for free by accident due to a bug.

All I will say was that I had around 2,400 royal crystals, then as I was doing a certain quest and trying to do a certain action, I fat fingered a certain group of buttons (one of them being “F4”) and all of a sudden I see item pickup notifications for royal crystals. I look at my shop and I have 5,300 royal crystals. I always use paypal for these kinds of transactions, and I don’t see any transactions with Steam or Lost Ark since I bought Elden Ring and the founders pack a few months ago.

I haven’t been able to recreate this so I don’t know what’s going on.

I’m honestly worried that my account looks suspicious because of this which is why I’m trying to reach out here.

I haven’t spent any currencies in the shop nor will I until I get an answer on this.

It’s been a couple days since I posted this and I haven’t heard back. If there is an issue please let me know but with the new skins coming out I’m going to go ahead and be purchasing additional royal crystals and purchasing some stuff off of the shop.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause any issues and I am not punished for this as I have been communicative and open about the situation.