I don`t know what to do

Hey guys hear me out…

I was thinking about if i should start to farm up materials and gold for when scouter comes out… or if i should just play the game and regret my decision later on.

I know it may take some time before scouter is released but i can`t really enjoy the game right now with the classe that i have.

Let me hear what you think about it.

Ps. Sorry for the bad grammar

I guess I had a similar situation but slightly luckier? I have been waiting for Arcanist since the first day I played this game, but I only started to save mats for her when I saw her in the July roadmap (hope she’s still released in July.

And since we don’t really know when scouter gonna be out and mat prices are fluctuating a lot, I guess what could be done for now is getting legendary engraving books which might work for both scouters and ur current chars. GHL and other mats might be even cheaper when scouter is out.

I get what you mean and it sure is a good idea with the engraving books but im afraid that if i dont start to save up the mats for t1, t2 and t3 i will regret it and be mad at me because i cant get my scouter as high as possible asap.

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waiting is just wasting time, when they announce a month before that scouter will be out you can prepare mats & such, there will be an express event or/and pass anyway with it.

but can we be sure about that? and will one month be enough to get enough for every tier?

Yeah if you think scouter will save your play exp, then you should farm up as much gold and mats as possible to make it a smooth transition. I would guess you are looking at September or November for the class to be released. Build your roster up for your main while waiting and as soon as they announce that it is coming the next month, stop using mats on your alts and save them for release.

If the game is too tough for you to enjoy it may be worth just taking a break until release and just starting behind. Alternatively you can just play from time to time casually and still be much further ahead than someone starting when scouter comes out but still pretty far behind compared to someone who has played daily since launch

Yeah im sure it wil save my exprecience bc i was lucky to test him out (friend in korea) but i have a feeling that its hard to handel the save/ invest ratio if i just take every day a liitle bit of gold and mats and funnel my alts with the rest. Because i would also need to sell mats to get the gold, i cant relay on only argos and oreha for gold income

You are going to have to spend gold and mats to build your roster with or without scouter. You want to plan some things out, like will the punika pass we get next month have an expiration before scouter release? If yes it needs to get used on an alt for the roster, if not you use it on scouter and only need to save t3 mats.

That means you can push all your other alts to T3 without impacting the main. The careful part is not using all your t3 mats on your alts. If it were me I would push them 1 at a time when I’m sure I could hit 1370 or 1415. You can worry about stopping when they tell you it’s next. At that time you will have multiple alts in T3 saving mats for a month which will give you a good start

so i have right now 4 chars in t3 1 in t2 and 1 in t1 should i start now with saving mats or schould i still go forward with the alts? (highest is 1385 atm)

Since you do not have a actual release date yet - I would definitly look for the class that you enjoy the most and keep pushing it at least to 1 stage under current endgame content. Also I would make as many T3 1340 alts as possible.
Keep in mind with the release of the class you most likely get a south vern pass or hyper super express to 1445 or something, depending when they release it. Only on this perspective i would try to increase my daily income rather than just saving up everything.

yeah so my original plan was to save up t3 mats with 2 of my 4 t3 chars and save up the t2 and t1 mats “just in case” and with my other 2 t3 chars i would sell the mats for extra income

(edit) im also not that interested in the endgame atm

If it were me I would try to park 2 alts at 1325 or 1340, and 3 at 1370 or higher. I would push 1 of the 1370s, whichever is most enjoyable as a stand in main. You will want someone to eventually hit 1460 before scouter release so you can be buffed all the way to 1415.

There is a calculator on maxroll that tells you the average cost of honing from X level to Y level. Use that and don’t hone when you don’t have enough mats to unlock something significant like a buff or more weekly gold

Right now prices are falling - that means saving mats might be not a good idea at all. Its kind of a poker game hence noone knows how prices will develop. according to korea in the long term they will drop to 1 gold probably. Again that is highly dependend which content release we have there. I so far always invested the mats the day i dropped them current state:
Main 1455
Alt 1385
Alt 1370
3 Alts 1340
Alt 1310

I agree you need 1460 for honing buff. and also high level passes are only unlocked when you reached the stage yet.

I was in similar situation with destroyer. As we get confimation that he will come, i started to save mats. But before i parked my old main at 1415 so i could do actual content. Now after 6 weeks my destroyer is 1457,5 and almost vykas HM ready. I had materials from 3 alts and ark pass. So you dont need to save yet mats.

If you want to save the mats check the calculator, the hardest and most expensive thing will be shards, everything else your characters can farm, but it’s a lot of chaos gate maps to get the kind of shards you need to clear t1 and t2. There is a good chance that there will be a power pass and or an express event which will make that less of a burden. I think a T3 pass is best but if you decide to save the mats you should just save what’s needed to get out of t1 and t2 then get those characters to t3

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alright guys thank you very mutch for your imputs apreciate that i will probably go with my Gunlancer as my main for now and bring him to at least 1415 and than i will look if i have the will to upgrade him further or not, but i gues the honing buff with 1460 would be nice

The question is if you will really need the 10% to 1415. If your Lancer is 1460 you most likely get a pass that makes u end up in 1415. Just a guess but I dont think you will need the honing buff because your probably get there for free anyways.

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good point guess we will have to wait an see only time can tell

My suggestion is to put the game into maintenance mode. Don’t do any content without rested bonus on any character. Do the weekly challenge guardians as basically your only non face rollingly easy content unless you specifically feel like it.

When Scouter arrives, if that’s before Sunset, throw those mats and gold at Scouter.

Assuming you have 2 characters at each tier piling up resources, the biggest issue is likely to be shards. (Shard bags are pretty pricy and you’ll need a lot of them.)

If your not at the ilvl of the upcoming stronghold research, judge for yourself if it’s worth pushing for. If not, don’t. If it is, do so.

That’ll cut down on time spent and given how long the wait is likely to be, (minimum 3 months from now or so) you’ll likely have piles sitting around.

I’ve got so much stuff piled away for Summoner I’ll likely have over prepared. (Except on shards, those bags, especially for T1 and T2, are NOT cheap.)