I don't play a lot per week

The day of the reset, when i get back to work, i just do all my dungeon, then i just do my routine with my main, and some chaos dungeon with my alt when they get rest xp.

I play maybe 4 hours per week, would like to play more, if everything wouldn’t be timegated.

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This has to be a joke hahaha


No joke at all, one hours later my two dungeon are done, then the only thing left is the routine who take 20 minut per day.

So what exactly are you asking for mate. There is not much you can do in 4 hours per week anyway, regardless if the things are time gated or not.

its not me who got 4 hours, its the game.

I would ask to do one dungeon per day at last.

Make 6 characters. It should be more than enough content through the day.

I wish I only played for 4 hours per week.

By the time my daily routine it’s done it’s 5 hours from reset to do it all again :rofl:

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all the time the same thing, do the same content x6 and be happy.

No i’m not, making 6 alt to play more, is the proof the game don’t have any content at all.

I want to play my main, that is all, i play my alt only with rest xp, and i still prefer play my main.


Ah right just understood ehst you meant. Sadly you will need to make alts if you want to compete. Or just do pvp and enjoy spending hours Nd hours

Lost Ark isn’t for you if you only want to play your main.

This game strives on alts

pvp is very bad, if you don’t play the right class.

You don’t want make 7 alt to play more than 2 hours per week ?


You don’t want complete all the adventure tome ?

The game is not for you.

Don’t want to get all mokoko ?

Game is not for you.

We know man, move along.


Yes, you understand now.

Thank you

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yes i understand the game no content at all except two dungeon per week. And some little routine like a mobile game per day.

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You don’t want to dedicate your life to a mobile like game that has you repeat the same content every day for eternity while you slowly climb up a vertical ladder filled with paywall and time gates?

This game is not for you.



It’s like he’s unhappy but can’t move on.

Like in an abusive relationship but can’t leave.

LA is an abusive relationship we’re all stuck in.

We wake up every morning, the trash wasn’t taken out, the dishes aren’t done and the laundry isn’t folded, it only takes a minute but we gotta do it.

After that we need to call all our in-laws and tell them how much we care about them.

Then we need to go clear out 2 ant’s nests in the back yard and chase 2 neighbor dogs off the properly before they shit on the lawn.

i like the gameplay, and everything around, but i don’t like the timegate of our activities we can do each day/week.

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Yup I feel you, there isn’t much freedom within the game once you get past some of the horizontal progression, everything ends in a Reputation, Rapport or RNG grind (+ your daily chaos/guardian). It’s just the type of game it is.

Combat is fun, game has it’s shining moments, but it’s like playing Genshin Impact, eventually you run out of stuff to do while you wait on dailies to complete or new content to be released.

Most people are excited for Valten, I want South Vern since it’s more collectables :stuck_out_tongue:


they should remove the gold bonus from dungeon and let me do it all the time i want.