I don't think Shadowhunter will be unroached

The design of the SH transformation (the game) is really lazy, they hardcoded the skin and hair colour of the transformation, for the western version they did something just as lazy, they brought up the value (lightness) of the colour pallet all the way up to full darkness and called it a day.

Why i don’t think they’ll unroach it?

Because from what we see they didn’t change the lazy implementation of the transformation skin/hair colour. These are separate code lines. I don’t think they’ll care enough to modify it.

I still to this day do not understand why they made the cockroach form with dark skin

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The reasons they gave were kinda bullshit too xD

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Because for the western audience if a POC wants to play a character with dark skin they didn’t want them to transform in a white skinned character because they might be triggered. PC bullcrap as always.

The way to do it is for the transformation skin to either copy the character’s original skin colour, or to chose the transformation colour in the character creation menu.

But they’re too lazy.


Thats the reason they did it.
Publicly they said its for pvp identification and lore accuracy…

As a veteran to the story, the only Delain that have that skin color are the ones that are full fledged demons and no longer delain. The Player Shadowhunter is just like Armen, they dont turn into cockroaches. Thats why they have light skin and white hair when they transform.

The new SH form resembles Armens more which is even more accurate to a non corrupt Delain.