I don't think this game is gonna last much longer

besides the fact that AGS is doing a TERRIBLE job at running this game,

just browsed through party finding for Valtan HM and Vykas HM and literally, every single one of them was either EXP or reclear OR fail mech=kick

hasn’t it been 6 weeks since Vykas came out in NA?

i’m originally from KR server and i also have plenty of experience in, not only Valtan and Vykas but Kakul and Brelshaza as well… but really… 6 weeks in and people are already gatekeeping like this?

i personally believe players themselves also play a huge role in maintaining the game and by the looks of it… lol

it doesn’t seem like things are gonna get any better and it’s just matter of time before we lose even MORE people. it’s already same people here and there at event islands and at punika…

even elitist pricks on KR server weren’t gatekeeping his hard 6 weeks into a fresh new raid

this is utterly disgusting


Vykas has been out now for 6 weeks.

Lemme say this then. If YOU were leading a group right now and the following 2 dps just applied and you can ONLY pick one.

1495 - 5x3 + 1 Engravings, Leve’ 8 Gems, LoS 1st Awakening
1460 - 4x3, Level 5 Gems, LWC (not awakened)

Which would you pick. 99% of people would pick the first. Nothing against the 2nd player but your only as good as the resume you put out. This is why you generally look for a static group instead then your gear matters less.


I want to somehow agree with you but then you focus your whole argument on 2 weeks and a simple google release search would show far from 2 weeks you’re like 400% wrong.

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mb my mistake, i somehoe totally got mixed up with dates

mb totally got mixed up with dates

yeah 6 weeks is alot of time to get the reclear mentality.

Your original point does stand tho we do not have enough Try groups going on right now because of the lack of new players. It is a rough situation for them all around.

Eh honestly as long as people are cool with doing their raids with a couple of statics in the future, things will be fine.

I feel like a doomer saying that, but I really do think the inexperienced players will be filtered out by mid-September and majority will have a guild/static to run all raids

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the game can last at least 10 years

might not be healthy population anymore after 5 but, the servers will still be there at least

by that point you’d probably log in do some intro quest and somehow you’re level 55 and t3 1600 after rescuing armen

Is… 6 weeks not long enough of a period to learn a fight?

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Funny thing is those reclear groups 50% can’t do mechs so its still a learning party.


But what if someone just got the ilvl req to do this raid for their first time?


Yea, that’s why I only take people with 10 kill achievement at this point. In a week or two, 30 achieve minimum.

Then they can start their own group:

LFM - Vykas Learning Group Beginners Welcome!

And there it is.


You also see a few learning/school parties on the party finder from time to time, but they fill out really quick.

Personally, when I create parties, I just want people to know the mechs, and not go blind, I don’t really care about reclear or exp, and I never kick somone for failing too many times, but usually someone else does stop the raid.

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Good point however some previous threads mentioned nobody is joining those learning groups either.


Apparently not. Tried to do Vykas last week and ended up giving up after 4 hours of even NM Vykas because every single party I joined couldn’t even do Orbs in Gate 1…

Parties are a fucking joke right now. People just refuse to do mechs or learn them and just send it hoping to be carried apparently.


Yea I mean it comes down to what people’s threshold is for “I WANT TO GO RIGHT NOW”.

The type of people who want to go fast, needs to go fast, needs to go right now, are typically going to be people who just need to get this content out of the way because at this point its mind numbing farm content.

The type of people who want to sit there and learn the fight for 8 hours of wiping are probably not going to care overly much if they have to wait an hour or two for the party to fill.

Remember when Vykas launched, lobbies were commonly up for over an hour looking for the last 2 supports, and this included more “veteran” groups as well.

Well the beautiful part about Vykas Normal is that you literally do not need anyone else to do the mechanics. Just Time Stop. You literally only need yourself and one other person alive on the other side to clear Gate 1.

I would love if people learned the mechanics and did them properly so I dont have to waste time stops every run, but if people can’t do basic stuff like that, at least you can carry it yourself and get the hell out of there.

Eyeroll of a thread. Nothing is stopping anyone from creating their own learning group. As Ghandi says… “be the change you wish to see”

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What you said is true, but you can’t prevent a restart vote by yourself. So at that point, you’re just actually wasting time stops for no reason.