I don't understand the card limit

Is there a limit on the number of cards I can have? I can’t seem to add anymore. I combined one as well and still can’t add another one. I’m not seeing where it says how many you can have. Am I glitched or something?

Go to your cards and scroll down. You need to buy more slots


What… :rage: that’s some bull.

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Is it bad that i assumed you meant credit card when it comes to this game… lol


Its just crystals, which is basically paying with gold. Cant have all expansions for free after all :stuck_out_tongue:

buy more slots, cost blue crystals, either use ur gold and covert it or swipe …

I mean who is gonna pay real money for slots lets be honest here. Just pay with gold if you really need it

It does suck, but expansions are at least fairly cheap.
Just don’t make the mistake of deleting cards for space. Yes you don’t lose bonuses, but the passive boosts also need dupes to unlock.

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both u and i know, I am sure someone out there did lol

0.0 Surely not. I mean people dont know how to walk in clockwise circles in this game so I can never be sure

just wait till you find out how many cards make up a full collection and how many rows you have to buy lol

How many cards are there ? I have 245 cards in my collection right now .

everyone did :rofl:

It took me a second to get that one lol. I didn’t think it was really that bad. Most of the stuff in the cash shop to me seemed useless and I don’t care one bit about skins. After really looking in it really well there’s a few decent priced things in it that are pretty useful. That lvl 50 chest is a good one, I think. Gets a lot of crystals and other stuff pretty cheap. And there are a few things in mari shop that are fair priced. Most of it is pretty crazy though, but that stuff is not really useful either so I must be missing something in their business plan. I never got a chance to see how much it cost to expand my card shop but, if it’s not too much like just a few gold coins or something like that I won’t be too worried about it. Still, that seems like it shouldn’t do that. Your storage ok, but that… nah that’s just bogus and turns me off with their business practices with the game.