I don't understand why AGS never asked us what we wanted for the next update?

I always see that AGS are gathering data. I don’t understand what data you need?

WE ARE THE DATA! Your players are your information! So please ask us what to do next and when to release for your next update!

Why should they ask you? Are you the boss?

they don’t even need to ask, look at this cesspool of a forum we got

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Lmao because they made too much mistakes now. Do they even play the game?

do you even read the forums? yesterday argos was too soon, today valtan is not soon enough, tomorrow valtan is gonna be too soon, and day after vykas is gonna be not soon enough, meanwhile people screaming BOTS and RMT and P2W and PHEONS and MOAR LEGION RAIDS and MOAR CONTENT but also NERF GUARDIAN RAIDS WE CAN’T BEAT THEM

you expect anyone to take you seriously? i don’t

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And that’s the reason why they need to create a poll of questions what/when to release the updates we wanted!

i’m sure they will if they feel the need to

I mean Smilegate and Amazon aren’t our friends, they are a business still. Our May update is pretty good. Also this forum has an actual good thread every 1/20 posts


too generous, i’d say 1 in 50

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true true

They should have done that in the beginning now everyone is complaining about everything

and people would cease complaining if they did that? hooo boy you’re in for a ride

From their perspective, it’s a terrible idea.

No they dont have to, people always complanig this is stupid and stop actin like kid your are not boss here. For me they can release even 1590 raids I dont care. Dont know why you care what they are releasing what is a difference …

but seriously it’s not ags that decides what we get and when we get updates, by now it’s very obvious that it’s smilegate that decides all that, and to them there’s no need for a survey of any kind because for the forseeable future the entire priority would be to catch us up to KR. maybe when we’re all caught up we’ll get surveys and art competitions and what not.

The forum is not indicative of what Lost Ark players wants. It has been said before and it’s getting really tiresome to say it on repeat. Players on the forum are just the vocal minority.

Clearly the majority is now dominated by bots. So, we should ask what the botters want for the next update.

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ask to who ?
ppl who stick on forum are just a vocal minority of player base .

well they supposed to release destroyer last month but since people from forum keeps complaining they released Lance Master instead? It means they listen to us

Some people act like the community is one big thing as a whole and doesn’t have multiple sides to it. There’s always more than one vocal minority. One side will be satisfied and the other side won’t be. That’s how it’s always going to be. One side will be entirely silent when something happens and the others will voice their issues with whatever that thing is. The only way they could truly ask is to throw up polls about things and not just asking because people will give too many answers and too much debate.

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Imagine if they asked us “which legion raid you want in the next update” and everyone pick brelshaza cuz she is hot LMAO