I don't understand why AGS never asked us what we wanted for the next update?

They have done mistakes. Now they are becoming good step by step. May patch note release is a good step that they haven’t done earlier.

AGS is simply going to milk the max $$$ from all the unreleased content in the west. Nothing more and nothing less is going on - At the end end of the day, revenue is what makes stakeholders happy.

They might throw use a bone here and there, but releases will always have 2 traits we’ll never escape from:

  • Will engourage you to spend money on skins and new mechanics, events, characterts, etc…
  • Will encourage you to spend money by creating “some” ilvl anxiety around the requirements for the new content

To turn this on it’s head - there is no other downside to releasing all the content, up to what’s in KR and to leave the playerbase pace itself with it, except that there will be 0 “expansion hype” every month or so.

Im curious, does anyone here disagree with this one?

Its better they not asking on forum what to do next :smiley:
You would be suprised how many ppl from overall LA population is active on forum. Basicly the most population on forum is not satisfied customer which are crying about changes without any logic.
Ppl which are enjoying game dont go on forum they olay thr game and super casuals maybe dont even know what forum is.

I agree, i mean they are a company they are here to make money thats why they invested money to bring the game to the west

Its AGS/SG’s game, they will release stuff when they want. If they did everything based on players requests, the game would fall flat on the ground.

They of course listen to legit feedbacks and concerns but they aren’t gonna do 95% of what majority post of everday especially in this forums climate.

Do you remember when people were complaining cuz there was t3 included on our release lmao, imagine if they listen to these people crying and they will only add t1 at release

Game would be dead after month lol

The forums is like maybe 1% of the playerbase.