I don't want maintenance on the last 2 3 hours of the day again

Whenever i plan to do something for the last 2 3 hours the day and wake up from my bed just for this, a damn maintenance comes from nowhere.

Who is running this game, really? Why do you make a maintenance announcement while people are sleeping? You can tell at least 12 hours in advance. So people can change their plans. But guess what? They can’t do it while they’re sleeping! What kind of management is this? And this is not the first time; it has happened many times.

No compensation is more valuable than the daily I want to do in the last 2-3 hours, the plan I set up is broken every time. Because there is no other opportunity, the last 2-3 hours of the day are always more important than any other period.

They will give everyone:

  • Legendary Engraving Book Selection Chest x 1
  • Punika Growth Pack x 1
  • Pheon x 30

I don’t care these to be honest.
All maintenance should be announced at least 12 hours in advance.


i think the real issue is the maintenance time, they are chilling in NA , maintenance is always the night when they sleep, and we are always ruined in europe , maintenance at 9am. We told to change that since february bro, they never ever listened, they didnt even answer to us. Full disrespect on that


I couldn’t find where the notice is

I wish they make all these small fixes be implemented later. The DC should be solved asap not something like an engraving chest fix that people can simply open later >.>


u say “later” but they always do maintenance at this time, 9am, so if u say “later” to them, its just tomorrow same time. Thats why im pointing out this maintenance time issue.
Idk why they refuse to do maintenance at a different time for europe, they absolutetly wanna do maintenance in both region at the same time. While many other games are making maintenance at a different time to make this right for everybody.

Is it lazyness ? idk

agreed the DC issue should be fixed as soon as possible… god knows how long it’ll take them before they manage to actually implement a fix for the DC’s tho… so till then we’ll just keep getting disconnect during raids and other stuff and lose our entry and wait for a ticket… amazing

I mean something like a small fix like engraving chest could have done it on their scheduled maintenance day like collect all the small fixes and put them together. Unless it is game breaking or instability that needs to be hotfix right away yes do it immediately, but something that doesnt do much to the game could have done on their scheduled maintenance.

Edit: we dont need every unscheduled maintenance for every small little fix.

i agree yes, im not complaining about this maintenance in particulary, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible (even i rly doubt this maintenance is gonna do anything). But as i said, no matter what it is, its 9AM. Unless people are gettin too much pheons, they shutdown everything for several hours if needed :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably my own fault for leaving things so late in the game day, but , waking up at 7am knowing you’ve got 3 hours till reset, figure out which chaos dungeons, guardian raids you can knock out before reset is the usual thing for me (won’t speak for anyone else) as i treat reset as the deadline.

Maintenances coming before the reset basically eats up all that time and any plans to get things done, I won’t complain because i know the importance of getting the fixes out as fast as possible to make the game more enjoyable for everyone, and these emergency maintenances aren’t a common occurence. It’d just be nice for me if the maintenance started at reset, eating into the first few hours of the next reset, but that would likely just bugger around with other players schedules instead.

It’s a lose / lose situation, someone’s gametime will get screwed with no matter when it is.

yeah, never plan anything the morning, they can do maintenance every morning everyday. But that means we have to plan our lives according to lost ark. Like we work for them while we are supposed to be customers. the full disrespect is real, period

well the game runs LIKE shit the last 2 weeks i dont know what they did exactly , i got random dcs comming from everywhere fps drops stuttering also and i got pretty strong pc about this game… GAME is faked atm i hope the fix it or bring back to what it was. I dont enjoy the way that runs and its something negative for me cause i cant enjoy raids…still random maintance is super bad i agree communication is bad

Sad to say that it’s always going to be like this. Nothing is going to change with how communication is done - it’s been shit since launch. The community has tried again and again to ask for better communication but they don’t listen. Just set your expectations that way.

The servers are really unstable atm. We hope every maintenance that they are working to address these issues but it doesn’t seem like anything has worked (or if they actually tried to address it). Fingers crossed that these 3 hours will help resolve the disconnects (but don’t hold your breath).

already said it will not, they are “still working” on it

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