I don't want to purchase right now. Why is STORE lit up?

As the title states. Why is my Store icon lit up where I can’t get rid of it? I checked all the pages and nothing is available to get rid of it. I don’t want to turn off tooltip because it will turn it off for other notifications. I usually would not complain about little details. But, this is like you pushing an “ad” into a player’s face while in-game. Unless I missed something, this is not appreciated. :unamused:

Screenshot 2022-02-25 200235

Try going into Product inventory and then exiting out of the store.

I went through all the pages and clicked every icon just now.

I seen you said you went through the pages, but product inventory isn’t a page, it’s on the bottom right.

When I grab something from there it still shows lit up on my alts until I go in there even though there isn’t anything there.

Works for me, just figured I’d see if it’s the same issue.

It’s still there.

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Awe, okay. Figured it was worth a try. That’s usually what my issue is when it’s still lit up on my alts.

Hope you find a fix.

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Thank you though!

It might be a stupid idea but…try to repair game files through Steam. Like, what else is there to do. It usually fixes all the techy glitches I sometimes have in the game.

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