I feel alone am I the only one?

Now it’s been one month that I play this game. I have more than 270 hours so yeah I’m in love with this game !
This is my first MMORPG and I really want to spend more time on this game !

But there we go, I feel alone most of the time… I know that you can do chaos dungeon and Abyssal dungeon and other but I think it miss more like quests that you can do in group.
Perhaps something that you can only do with the member of your guild and some more stuff like this !

I don’t know if it’s like this on every MMORPG but this is my feeling about this game and I don’t know what you guys think about it ?


In layman’s terms

MMORPG is SP with multiple MP opportunities intertwined into various level of non-linear contents

Which unlike SP is generally an experience of linear contents

and MP like FPS is constantly engaging with people but round/match based.

Yeah I see but you don’t really answer to my question. I mean they can easily add some quests that can only do if you are minimum 4 people in group.

I feel the same way, but it can’t be helped

Its hard to even group quest with people with instance solo quests or when you do something together it constantly puts you in seperate channels. I have played dozens of mmo and this is the loneliest, single player feeling nmo for me personally. I agree with you OP


this isnt an mmo, it’s a random solo game with “sometimes” some people arround … there is no social intteraction AT ALL

Yes it’s hard but i’m sure they can do something

Started this game with several friends. Those of us that suffered through the honing are still together in a guild but don’t really have any content to do together. Can’t even queue PVP together.

This is the most lonely MMO I’ve ever played lol. Really wish you could do comp pvp together. Also wish it would scale you back for PvE content so you can go help your lower friends without taking any effort out of the content.

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they need to add like an infinte quest system, where u can redo quest youve done, but with friends who havnt, you just get like a infinite token like the chaos ones.

some stuff are meant for solo, like chaos, bruh i’m about to solo guardians if i keep suffering in some of those guardian bosses…my t1 alt is frequently playing in a group of 3 dead man and only me standing and finish the boss in 17mins…

raids are group contents, if ur guild is dead go to other active guilds, then you can raid with them. there’ll be more group contents like guild pvp stuff.

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I’ve also started doing chaos solo recently because there’s always one weirdo who wants to drag it out and kill every single mob while 3 stare at the portal lol.

With the guardian, I’ve found MUCH more success by doing party finder than matchmaking. Just a generally serious groups that don’t go into the boss blind on mechanics. They will actually bring items if required for the fight, etc.