I feel cheated by the fact that this skin isn't dyable

Hello I just bought 25$ of in game currency so I could buy the destruction punisher outfit as I thought you could dye them as I seen people online that had this skin all white and thought that would look wonderful for holy paladin build
I just found out it can’t be dyed and its just multiple colour waves for the same armor this is a very big kick in the gut… is there anyway I could get it changed to the white version as I don’t at all enjoy this blue and at the very least make it known in the description of items if they’re dyable or not as this kills my will to play this game as from what I can see I cant even refund the skin even though I just got it and its not at all what I was expecting.

That is unfortunate, but the item does say that the item is undyeable (You can check through the Auction house item text). There are no quick return/refund features in game. I’m certain AGS won’t / be able to help you through your issue. I’d recommend you either resell the item through the Market Place at a loss to recoup your gold or if you change your mind you could keep the skin. I can understand the frustration and I hope you can find the desire to continue playing and having fun even with this annoyance.

Paladin No Dye

Hello @MadMerlin, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

First of all thank you very much to @kim.kadie2 for providing accurate and precise information and even a possible solution.

Now in regards to your request:

Unfortunately in-game store purchases are not exchangeable or refundable. So we are unable to help you with your request.

But I also encourage you as @kim.kadie2 suggested to resell the item through the Market Place if that is something you want to do. Or keep it, it’s up to you! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any more questions!


I cannot even trade mine… bcause I bought it with blue cristal that I paid first to get…
Is there any intention for this skin to become dyable?
I feel scammed as I bought this skin to dye it right after just to find out it was not possible…