I feel like I should quit! More bots than players!

Pictures like this, make me want to quit this game. The bots are so ridiculous! Every main area has more bots than players at any given time. When are programmers going to understand that Easy Anti-Cheat barely does anything to help this issue.


Encourage people to quit could get me ban for “not constructive, create dissent” so…
Play the game and don’t put money in until you can’t afford anything on market, can’t afford blue crystal, don’t feel like doing dailies anymore, get gatekept from raid, feel the fun is not worth the time put in… that’s when you decide for yourself, try to avoid sunk cost fallacy.

I understand it may ruin your immersion, but you’ll most likely log on everyday anyway.

It is just T1 content that has noticeable amounts of bots. They have also banned enough of them for certain EUC servers going from almost always “busy” to “good” pretty much all the time.
They are probably still working on improving tracking tools as I suspect that Smilegate simply didn’t appreciate how big of a problem they are in the west.
Price of blue crystals did drop by about 150g, so hopefully they keep at it.