I feel like I'm being carried in pvp... (bard)

I play bard and I noticed how abysmal my damage is compared to my team… Is it supposed to be that way? How much should I be doing ? I tend to get a decent number of assists, but I feel like I could be doing more. Any advice, tips, resources are appreciated (youtube recs for bard pvp content, etc).

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bard should be slowing, peeling with cc, healing/absorb shields, and doing damage when enemies are cc’d. you wont be topping damage charts on bard

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And if you are topping damage charts as bard, you’re either playing wrong or your team just isn’t very good.

This does bring up and huge issue tho, the stats at the end don’t really reflect anything else expect damage and kills. Which is kinda shitty for support players, you guys don’t get any feedback, how you are doing in matches. Seems like such a massive oversight, but you know Koreans are happy, and the game is esports so nothing matters :wink:


Thank you for the reply, this kind of boosts my confidence a little lol. Still a lot more room to improve…

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Yeah, the ending stats at the end is what made me feel this way lol. It kind of felt bad seeing my teammates doing twice the damage I do or something. Thank you for the reply.

i mean if you’re peeling for teammates and supporting you kinda know if you’re being good or not

lemme just say this, bard is op 1v3 :smiley:
anyways in 3v3 your damage might be abysmal (its not), but u also make ur enemy damage abysmal with your shields and damage reduction abilities. its true, we are a support, and we do less damage thn other classes, but we still chunk. bards kill most classes in the game in 3 rotations plus some chip (which is harder to pull off in 3v3), except for warriors. the issue in 3v3 is that we are mostly just shielding and ccing. our cc doesnt do a lot of damage. we basically have 1 damage ability, which is soundholic. notes bundle and the harp can kind of do damage but no one really takes them in 3v3 and they are easy to avoid. your teammates will have higher numbers because, well, they are constantly dpsing. bards only do damage at a specific moment. even paladins and gunlancers will end up doing more damage than you, since they are constantly on top of someone hitting them, but that doesnt mean our damage contribution isnt meaningful. we can make it so that certain classes can one shot, or almost one shot certain other classes.

it also depends what classes you are hitting. you will see different damage numbers and kills if you hit a gunlancer for 5 minutes or a sorc or gunslinger for 5 mins xD

you can also hit people for 1 million and not get a kill, if they are constantly recovering health. for example, when i getto 1v3 in lts, you see my damage taken is 400-500k but i only have 100k hp?

so in my opinion, the damage that matters i the damage that kills, because people can get healed and then all the damage you did didnt really do much, yet its still added to the score screen.


As a gunlancer, I feel the same way

Lol. This is effectively like being in a war, and asking why the logistics guy who brings the ammunition supply and refuels the vehicles; doesn’t have the same confirmed kill count as the guy flying the apache or driving the IFV.

It’s in the name, support. Obviously the better you carry out your job; the less your team struggle defensively and the more they succeed offensively. So the better time your friends have, the better your reputation as a support.

In KR there is no doubt at all who the good bards are. Those along side you who have a working brain and actually understand mechanics, notice your contribution more than well. People in this part of the world simply have a long ways to go on their communication. Perhaps because there are now so many ‘solo attitude, rush games’ like FFXIV. It’s a pity so many have lost this social element in ‘MMO’ games. It’s all about the team building.

As for personal performance; the more efficient you are the more opportunity you’ll have for sneaking in your own forward play. But it shouldn’t be your priority. Support is MVP when it does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll be fine, keep learning :slight_smile:

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Honestly yeah just focus more on peeling, staying back, ccing enemies and dropping a heal when teammates are low. Drop your slow orbs in their zone on cooldown or when you see them dash. It’s so annoying to have a bard that just let’s you sit in full ccs without dropping anything on the enemy. If you see your teammate go in or get knocked or stun, drop an aoe stun/cc on the enemy so they can get out. Support is key. The only time you should be using damage is when your teammates have an enemy or group locked down, or to counter stagger them.

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Yeah the scoring system is a little strange to me

I’ve had it where I dealt and took most damage suggesting I had the most impact in the match but because my teammate had half my damage (also taken) and twice my kills (4) they were awarded a much higher score

I’m not sure the systems actual method for determining success but I can only imagine how a support player feels

Hoping it’s tweaked before ranked play
Good luck

scoring is irrelevant. winning matters more. battle points are meaningless in ranked iirc, there’s a point system for winning and losing. Battle points only increase your soft rank ( grade 20- tier 1) which is not your ranked rating, it’s more like a character rating for pvp.

depends on how good your teammates and enemies are you definitely get carried in the beginning. Because at this stage of PvP game play isn’t as calculated and tactical as in the later stages of PvP.

In later stages players don’t just engage head first, but engage burst disengage, now the speedbuff becomes handy, because now your team can decide when to engage and where.

Are you sure? Because from what I see your actual rank is determined by your Average battle score

So if you average 2000+ score a game you’re diamond or master rank

I think winning bumps the score regardless but I’m pretty sure it is score based

The scoreboard does no favors to a support player aside from showing you how much damage you soaked. You do get carried in terms of damage output, but you carry your team with peeling and mitigation. Unfortunately there’s no stat for that. But in an average game if you have 150-200k damage that’s good. If it’s less than 100k you’re probably either facing a difficult comp that dives you, or playing too scared. Hard to say, but if you’re a beginner Bard, your damage is the last thing on your list to improve.

One tip I would give to a new Bard that 90% of Bards are terrible at is buff timing. Most Bards I see will just randomly cast their attack and defense buffs anytime they have them off cd, and aside from Rhapsody, those 2 skills are what make Bard really strong. Time your attack buff when you see a teammate connect to an enemy and start their combo - for example if I see my sorc catch someone in the purple ball, or my artillerist stun someone, I immediately give them the attack buff because they’re about to do massive damage - and after you cast your attack buff be prepared to Rhapsody that teammate in case they get peeled. Defense buff is a bit easier, just don’t cast it in neutral cause then people can just wait it out. Once someone, a teammate or enemy, commits to a fight or comes close enough that they’re about to start fighting, then you use defense buff.

Sorry for the wall of text, but tldr is don’t get discouraged because those numbers are not meant for you and are not an indication of your performance!


i’m not positive but I just noticed pvp points which i thought were ranked points. You might be right. If damage/kills matter for rank that will be good

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so…Guild quest pvp is to farm kills in …

How can you farm kills as bard…This is awefull…

Just a heads up, once the weekly task is leveled to 4 it becomes a 3 win quest which is much more suited for bards :slight_smile:

I ended up being punished for 4+ times because of a low battlefield score. Tell me how this system makes sense. I am new to PVP, and if they just keep punishing me like that how do they want their players to progress? Now I have to wait for 2 hours before the punishment is removed. 2 HOURS!!!